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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 trailer: What's up?

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Co D Season 4

Captain Price is the highlight of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4. (Image credit: Activision)

Activision dropped a teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4, which is coming on June 3, and there’s some stuff in there to look at. Here’s what we got out of it.

We already reported about the suspected new modes for Warzone and also about the accidental leak of a new submachine gun. We also recently speculated about a new operator. Let’s see how much of that was confirmed in this trailer.

New operator

First things first – operator confirmed.

The legend himself – Captain Price, is going to be the new playable operator. To the right and left of Price we see two more operators, which we will also probably get during Season 4. Activision did a similar stunt in Season 3 where we had Alex in the middle, who was available from the beginning, and Ronin and Iskra to the right and left of him, which were added later in the season.

Changes in Warzone

The trailer summarizes the history of Modern Warfare so far: from the campaign to the special unit missions, to the Battle Royale mode Warzone. The trailer ends with the teaser that something is going on in Verdansk (the Warzone map). We conclude from this and from the mysterious Bunker 11 that we can expect some changes in Verdansk in Season 4. Probably some kind of event that will change the map.

Video credit: Activision

In addition to the quite probable changes to the map, we also hope that the often requested duos will finally be added.

New map

The official Season 4 logo seems to announce the return of fan-favorite multiplayer map Scrapyard. This map enjoyed great popularity in Modern Warfare 2. Since every Season logo announced a new map and Scrapyard is already in the game as part of Verdansk, it's very likely that Scrapyard will now also be available as a multiplayer map.

Co D Scrapyard

Season 4 could throw us back to Modern Warfare 2 with Scrapyard. (Image credit: Infinity Ward)

New weapons

As in every season, Season 4 will again feature two new weapons that are freely available to everyone. One submachine gun has already been leaked, although it is not yet confirmed. But the trailer lets us hope for two more new additions – the Israeli assault rifle Galil and the American submachine gun Vector. Both are weapons that have long been part of the Call of Duty franchise.

The final playlist update for Season 3 was released earlier this week and set us up well for the next season. Join us next week to find out what exactly is Season 4 bringing to the table and how correct our assumptions have been.

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