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We're still on course to a Black Ops reboot

Call of Duty 2020 Leak Suggests New Title

Call of Duty
The Red Door
The Red Door turned into Black Ops Cold War turned into Black Ops CIA. (Image credit: COD Tracker)

Usually, at this time of the year, we have at least some actual info on the next Call of Duty installment. This has not been the case in 2020, which naturally inspires people to look out for leaks and ignite speculation. The latest wave of Call of Duty 2020 chatter suggests a new name for the game, as well as info on some of the game modes.

Call of Duty 2020 Is Going to be Named Call of Duty: Black Ops CIA?

Last week a misteruous entry appeared on the Microsoft Store. A title dubbed "The Red Door", published by Activision, may not have meant much to other gamers, but it immediately struck a nerve with Call of Duty fans. The Red Door was rumored to be Call of Duty 2020's working title and its official appearance mounted excitement among the community.

This week some diligent players have been able to boot the damn thing and while not much came out of it, one thing did - the game's actual title. If this latest breakthrough is reliable, then the new CoD will be titled Call of Duty: Black Ops CIA.

This is in line with the overwhelming suggestons that a Black Ops reboot is on the cards, but it does break away from the title most often connected with the new release - Black Ops Cold War. Whether it would be Cold War or CIA, we believe it's safe to assume that we will indeed be getting a Black Ops game in Fall 2020.

Additional Call of Duty 2020 Leaks

In addition to the new game's title, COD Tracker have summed up a few other details that could potentially be in the next Call of Duty relese. This includes single-player Campaign missions, Multiplayer maps, Zombies and, finally - Warzone.

So far, what we've got for the Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies is nothing but dry names - mission names, map names. For Warzone, though, there is something to lean on. First of all, it's all but confirmed at this point that Warzone will keep its course well into the next CoD release. Not that we had any doubt Activision will keep the golden egg in its basket.

Second of all, we've got some, if slim, details on the next Warzone map makeup. Verdansk will be left behind alongside Modern Warfare for a new, smaller map, based in Russia. Location names have surfaced as well and one particular Twitter user attempted to recreate the new map's makeup based off that.

The Call of Duty 2020 leaks are getting so intense that it's hard to believe Activision will keep silent on their new title for much longer. After the massive success of Modern Warfare and Warzone, it's definitely a slippery slope for the publishing giant to follow that up with a decent title, especially if they're going to revive Black Ops.

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