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Bugha hints a change to Valorant - is this the end for Fortnite?

Fortnite Pro Bugha

Fortnite pro Bugha. (Image credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

Many players have changed from their original game to Valorant. The first Fortnite Pro has already left. Will Fortnite world champion Bugha do the same?

Fortnite is a game that has captivated many people since its release in 2017. The influence was so strong that the game even became a pop icon. Fortnite was quickly introduced as an esport and shortly after that, it enabled countless players to pursue a career, either as a professional player or as a content creator. All in all, the title enabled numerous players to make a profession out of it. Now another game has been released and it's going through the roof. We are talking about Valorant. It's foolish to compare the game to Fortnite at such an early stage, but it has already convinced professionals from other games to switch to it.

Fortnite Champion causes a stir

Recently, Zander "thwifo" Kim, a Fortnite professional, made an announcement regarding his future in esports. Although he is very grateful to Epic Game's biggest title, it's time for a change - Valorant.

fortnite is one of the greatest games i've ever played. people clown it all the time, but the game really is a masterpiece

in the end tho, it's just gotten stale for me lately. i thought i've been having fun playing fortnite but after playing valorant it just didnt feel the same. realized i wasnt actually having fun and i can list a lot of reasons why but im tryna keep this short. valorant just flows more naturally to me and i enjoy it a lot more, i love this game with a burning passion right now. fortnite just hasnt been the same.

maybe ill be back for 2021 WC we'll see but for now i'll be focusing FULLTIME VALORANT

Extreme words for the now former Fortnite professional. But the tweet of another Fortnite star caused even more attention. And not only in Fortnite but also in Valorant. He spoke positively to thwifo and said that he had made the right decision.

We are talking about none other than Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf, the champion of the Fortnite Solo World Championship 2019.

Bugha is not only one of the most famous Fortnite players, but also an icon in esports. His answer to the tweet raises many questions whether he has had enough of Fortnite as well. Although this seems unlikely, Bugha had his problems with the game not too long ago. Of particular note is his excitement about the controller players and their Aim-Assist, which he feels have an unfair advantage over the KBM players.

Personally, we hope Bugha will stay true to his original Esport, but we also understand that Fortnite is getting really tedious. Not least because the upcoming Season 3 has already been postponed a third time. For those who want to know more about Bugha, here is the first part of our two-parter about his life and career.

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