PashaBiceps is back to playing pro CS:GO

Brace Yourself for the Liquid Biceps!

PashaBiceps' new team - Liquid Biceps

Liquid Biceps must be among the best team names in the history of esports. (Image credit: pashaBiceps via Twitter)

Jarosław "⁠pashaBiceps⁠" Jarząbkowski is returning to professional CS:GO. The god damn legend has been away for far too long, and it's about god damn time to see his biceps back in the god damn server. What's his new team's name, you ask? Oh, only the best name ever - Liquid Biceps! Yeeeeeeaaaaah!

Polish CS:GO legend pashaBiceps has been here and there since departing at the end of 2018. Where he definitely wasn't, though, is the professional scene, which has been feeling quite empty ever since. Maybe a global pandemic has something to do with that empty feeling too, but we'll stick to our version of the facts.

After nearly two years of simply streaming for the children, the Biceps is finally back to playing pro CS:GO and making the big boys feel young again. He will be doing his thing in the brand-new Liquid Biceps squad. It's a squad made up of pasha and some Polish scrubs that's going to play in the local Polish Esports League, just like early leaks suggested, but who cares! The Biceps is back, baby! Groovy!

PashaBiceps is assisted in compiling this roster by former analyst Kuba "Kubik" Kubiak. the names on it really aren't anything that will make you say "ah, I know this guy, he's really good", so we'll just list them here to check in case we forget them in a few minutes. The Pasha London School is in rhythm with modern trends as the roster comes with a sixth member to act as backup. Papito knows what's up.

  • Karol "REVxD" Zieliński
  • Dawid "Zefir" Seifert
  • Maciej "⁠mYR⁠" Żuk
  • Marcin "⁠Shatar⁠" Lubowicki
  • The Mona Lisa of Biceps
  • Nikodem "Majster" Gulmantowicz (backup)
  • Jakub "inwood" Salwa (coach)

This squad is obviously affiliated with Team Liquid, in case you weren't exactly sure. it will participate in the Champions Division of the Polish Esports League where former pashaBiceps teammates Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas and Filip "NEO" Kubski can also be found with their team HONORIS.

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