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Another scandal in the Overwatch League

Boston Uprising player Mouffin in trouble over sexual harassment accusation

boston uprising pro mouffin
Walid “Mouffin” Bassal of the Boston Uprising. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment.)

Walid “Mouffin” Bassal was benched by his Overwatch Team, the Boston Uprising, over accusations of sexual misconduct by streamer going by the name KhaleesiBB. Sadly, this is not the first such scandal in the OWL.

Like many of these controversies, it all played out on Twitter, where a female streamer by the name KhaleesiBB tweeted this:

The TwitLonger post describes the relationship the two had and accuses the Boston flex tank player of improper behavior. However, things turn serious when KhaleesiBB claims that Mouffin has a preference for underage girls and would often harass them via private messages, asking for nude photographs or sending such of himself.

The Overwatch League squad was quick to react and tweeted this:

They are claiming that all such allegations are taken seriously and a proper investigation on the matter will be conducted. While it lasts, Mouffin won’t be playing any competitive matches in OWL.

This is not even the first time this exact situation unfolds. Back 2018, when OWL was in its Inaugural season, player Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez, again from the Boston Uprising, was suspended over accusations of sexually harassing a young female Overwatch player with nude photos.


If history repeats itself, the competitive career of off-tank Walid “Mouffin” Bassal quite possibly might come to a premature end. However, in delicate situations such as this, it’s very important for all of us to seek the facts and resist jumping to conclusions and accusations.

We are awaiting the results of the OWL and Boston Uprising investigation and hope for a happy end to this very unpleasant situation.