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Bloodborne is Getting a Remaster for the PS5 and PC!


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Bloodborne is getting a PS5 & PC Remaster just 5 years after it was released for the PS4! Interesting! This remake will come as a blessing to PC gamers who have been dying to get their hands on the hit game. Anyone that likes Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and/or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, will feel quite at home with Bloodborne.

PS4 players might also be looking forward to re-visiting one of the system’s best games with polished graphics: Bloodborne had serious frame-rate issues, which will likely be fixed on PS5.

Apart from the remaster treatment, Bloodborne will reportedly also get new features: Monsters and lore that was scrapped for the original release will find their way into this remaster.

As far as a release date, we don’t know much. However, thanks to YouTube channel RedGamingTech, we do know that the game is supposedly quite far and deep into its development.

Whether the game will be a launch title for the PS5 or release in early 2021 remains to be seen. It is also not known if it will launch for PS5 & PC simultaneously or if it will get some timed exclusivity on the PS5.

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