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BLAST Dota 2 Bounty Hunt: Q&A With the pros – Part 3: rmN-

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BLAST Dota 2 Bounty Hunt

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BLAST Dota 2 Bounty Hunt, the exciting online tournament featuring six teams across Europe and the world will begin on June 9th. The players play the game, but how do the coaches feel? EarlyGame has the exclusive details with rmN-.

Save the date! The BLAST Dota 2 Bounty Hunt begins very soon, and EarlyGame has your third Q&A with Team Nigma's coach, rmN-. If you've missed our previous articles, we spoke with Nigma's MinD_ContRoL and found out which DOTA 2 hero he most wants to be...

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Q&A with rmN-

BLAST Dota 2 Bounty Hunt

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Q: COVID-19 has thrown up a curveball in terms of preparations and plans you would have had in place, what has the preparation been like?

So our preparation basically consists of us meeting online and nowadays since there is a lot of online tournaments happening, we get to watch our opponents like we have a lot of information on our opponents, and basically, we just sit together and try to find out we want to approach the game for tomorrow if we have a series tomorrow, we meet up and basically prepare for the opponents.

I would add one more thing. It is, of course, different since we are all doing this from home, and everyone has their own schedule and responsibilities to take care of, so we're probably not as free if we were sitting next to each other face-to-face and preparing for opponents, always easier if we're all in the same room, but other than that, we're just preparing online together.

Q: Is there a team you're looking forward to playing against during the tournament?

I would say, I can only speak for myself, but I think a lot of the teams in Europe are really good right now so there's not a specific team I'm looking forward to playing, maybe Secret? Because we've been struggling against them a lot of times.

Q: As a coach, are you looking forward to the event?

Honestly, I am curious how this new concept of this tournament will look like, like what the additional bounties and everything. I do think it adds an extra spice to the event, I'm looking forward to it and how it's going to affect the players.

Q: There are additional bounties that are going to be introduced, do you think that's going to change the way you approach the game?

That's very hard to answer for me since I'm not playing. I don't think our approach will change that much, we will just focus on showing good Dota to the fans, and basically trying to perform good, I think this is our main goal.

Q: Are you excited for the dynamic prize pools?

I am looking forward to how it will change the game if it will change it at all, how people behave in-game. I think both parties will profit from it, as I said, I think it might add some extra spice to the event for the players and obviously for the viewers at home as well.

Q: The aim of the dynamic prize pool is to create real rewards and tension in every match, do you think matches will be affected by that?

I mean if you ask me right now, from a players standpoint, like how people will feel in-game, I don't think it will change that much, but once again, I do think the viewers would profit from it since it might give some extra storyline to the teams playing.

Q: As a coach, what was your initial thoughts when you saw BLAST enter Dota 2?

I mean I'm always for more tournament organizers coming into Dota. If I remember correctly, BLAST is usually from CS:GO so to me personally I'm very happy the more tournament organizers become interested in DOTA, especially tournament organizers that haven't been involved in DOTA before, so yeah, I'm really happy about that.

Q: What are your predictions for the team? How do you think you'll get on?

I don't want to make any bold predictions. We're just going to focus on the opponent that's ahead of us, basically step by step, and once again, I hope we can provide good Dota to everyone watching our games in this tournament.

Q: If you could be any hero from Dota 2, who would it be?

I could give you the lame answer and say Prophet as he can teleport, that's like the classic answer.

Q: Anything else you'd like to add ahead of the tournament?

Well, first of all, thank you for having me here, fo this interview and thank you guys for being interested in Dota, as I said, I'm always happy to see new tournament organizers get their feet into Dota, and other than that I hope we can show good Dota and thanks for supporting us.

Need the schedule for BLAST Dota 2 Bounty Hunt? We've got you covered!

That concludes the Q&A series for the pros! Stick around though, as we've got even more exciting BLAST Dota 2 Bounty Hunt coming your way. Be sure to follow BLAST on Twitter and Twitch to be fully up to date with the matches and events.


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