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BLAST Dota 2 Bounty Hunt: Q&A With the pros – Part 2: MinD_ContRoL

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BLAST Dota 2 Bounty Hunt

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BLAST Dota 2 Bounty Hunt, an exciting online tournament featuring six teams across Europe and the world, has a huge prize pool up for claiming. How do the pro players feel about the event? Here's your Part 2 with the pros.

If you've missed part one of our exclusive BLAST Dota 2 Bounty Hunt: Q&A With the pros, worry not! Part 1 with GH will be linked below. In part 2's Q&A, we're joined by Team Nigma's Ivan "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov!

Q&A with MinD_ContRoL

BLAST Dota 2 Bounty Hunt

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Q: COVID-19 has changed things a little bit, how has the preparation been going in the last few weeks?

For me personally, it's going pretty casual. I'm just grinding, playing matchmaking, and watching some tournament games. I don't know what my team is exactly doing, so I just speak for myself.

Q: Has COVID-19 changed how you would have prepared for the tournament?

Personally, it doesn't affect me, but as a team, we were supposed to Bootcamp before one of the majors, so we lost a bit of practice there. I guess that's the only thing that it really changes for us. Because we're now playing online, we can't really do the things we would do in a Bootcamp, so we're just taking it slow.

Q: What team are you most looking forward to playing against during BLAST Bounty Hunt and why?

I mean, I want to play against the new teams, I mean they're not really new, but I want to play against Alliance for example, because we do not play them much and I just want to see how they play and learn from them.

Q: It's the first time BLAST has ventured into Dota 2, were you excited about this new tournament?

Yeah, I mean I used to play CS:GO and I know BLAST, I have watched their tournaments, and it's pretty nice to see that they're going into Dota. It's nice to see.

Q: So you're looking forward to the tournament starting?

Yeah, I'm always excited about any tournament and this one is no different, I'm really excited about this one too.

Q: Who do you think will be your main competition for the event? Who are you most worried about?

The main competition will be Secret, they already beat us two times before in a row so we need to take revenge on them.

Q: Are you confident you can get that revenge?

I am confident, but it can go both ways for sure.

Q: Blast has brought in these additional bounties that are going to change the game a little bit, what are your thoughts on that?

I think it's cool! It's fun to do something new. I do not see the bounties exactly, what they will be, so I think they will maybe prolong some of the games? So some players can achieve their bounties, but that's pretty much it.

Q: Do you think those bounties will impact your play at all?

I think for me personally I don't think there will any off laner bounty, but I think mostly for mid laner or carry they will be more greedy or something like that. I can see this impact of play, like carry will be more greedy, so it will be funny.

Q: Are you excited about the dynamic prize pools?

I guess we'll be more motivated to take the opponent down, but I think it's not really gonna impact how we play, I think it will be just more new I would say.

Q: The aim of the dynamic prize pool is to create real reward and tension during every match, do you think this will bring more excitement? Not just for you guys, but for people watching at home?

For me, it doesn't really matter. I mean, we're still there to win the tournament itself so we have to beat everyone anyway to win it and to take all these prizes from them so I don't see a big difference, maybe a little bit, just a little bit.

Q: What are your predictions for how you'll get on in the tournament?

Looking to get Top 3? Would be nice, but obviously, 1 is the best every time.

Q: If you could be any hero from Dota 2 who would it be?

Obviously, I would like to be Nature's Prophet because he has teleportation so that would be nice.

Need the schedule for BLAST Dota 2 Bounty Hunt? We've got you covered!

Who wouldn't like teleportation, right? Thank you to MinD_ContRoL, we wish you all the best during the BLAST Dota 2 Bounty Hunt. Which Dota hero would you be? Be sure to follow BLAST on Twitter and Twitch To be fully up to date with the matches and events.

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