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BLAST Dota 2 Bounty Hunt is halfway through

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Day3 bounty hunt

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BLAST made their entrance into the Dota 2 scene with one of the most interesting events in recent times. You still have a chance to catch up until the weekend.

BLAST Bounty Hunt began this Tuesday and has enjoyed quite a lot of popularity among Dota 2 fans. The event features some of the best teams from Europe, specific in-game challenges that the participants have to complete and a Prediction Game for the fans. A recent partnership with Steelseries will also give random viewers on Twitter some extra gaming gear.

The top three scorers in each day of the Prediction Game will receive $250. The overall highest one at the end of the event will net in an extra $1,250 (the total being $5,000).

What happened so far?

Two of the bounties were already claimed. Team Nigma managed to keep a player on their team alive for the entirety of a game which brought them an extra $5,000. Alliance kept their outpost for an entire game, not allowing the enemy to take it, this also resulted in a reward of $5,000.

Team Secret and OG were seeded directly into round two of the upper bracket and they proved their worth as both won their series. Next up the two famous teams will clash against each other. The favorites to win are Secret, but OG might still have a trick or two up their sleeve.

Team Liquid, Team Nigma, Alliance and Ninjas in Pyjamas are all residing in the bottom bracket. Two of them will leave the tournament today. The series we’re going to see in a matter of hours will be:

  • Team Nigma vs. NiP – 4:30 PM CET
  • Alliance vs. Team Liquid – 7:30 PM CET

A stream will be available on Twitch so don’t miss it! Two of the big bounties are still out there for the taking. The first one being “Drop the Dead Donkey” which requires 9 courier kills will reward a team with $15,000 while the “Something Something Feeder” will give $20,000. The requirement for the latter is to kill an enemy player 20 times as a team. If you ask us, this might never happen as games usually tend to be short and even in the long ones we rarely see such stats. Bounty Hunt will conclude this Saturday (June 13) so there’s still plenty of time.

Stay tuned for more Dota 2 news and make sure to check out EarlyGame regularly.

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