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Black Ops Cold War PS4 Beta Starts Soon! Hyped?

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The beta is in the starting blocks. (Image credit: Activision)

After the Alpha for Black Ops Cold War, all pre-orderers can already look forward to the beta this Thursday. That is if you're playing on the PS4. Xbox and PC players have to be patient for another week.

Yes, that's right, the day after tomorrow, on October 8, the early access for the beta of Black Ops Cold War starts on the PS4. The alpha was already a great success and was downloaded more often than any other alpha or beta of a CoD title. What was good and what was bad about the Alpha you can check out right here:

To start the beta the day after tomorrow you just need to own a PS4 and pre-order Black Ops Cold War digitally or get a code from Treyarch on Twitter or Discord. From October 10 on, all PS4 players can participate in the beta until October 12. For all pre-orderers, the preload is even available from today, October 6.

All Xbox and PC players will have to wait a bit longer. For them, the early access starts on October 15, the open beta for all platforms will then go from October 17 to 19.

Are you looking forward to the beta? We can hardly wait for it, especially after the Zombies reveal.

All other news and updates about Call of Duty, such as that Modern Warfare is now too fat for a 250GB SSD, can be found on EarlyGame.

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