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Black Ops Cold War Beta Early Access Via Twitch Drops

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BOCW Beta PC Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops are now! (Image Credit: Activision)

Since yesterday, the Black Ops Cold War Beta has launched for PC and Xbox. If you didn't pre-order, you'll have to wait until tomorrow, unless you can get your hands on a Twitch Drop!

Finally, PC and Xbox players have the chance to join the beta of Black Ops Cold War - at least if you have pre-ordered. All PC and Xbox pre-orderers have early access to the beta since yesterday, those who haven't pre-ordered will have to wait until tomorrow. But there is also a possibility to play before tomorrow without pre-ordering - but only for PC gamers.

Twitch Drops

Since the start of the beta this week, it is possible to get keys on Twitch for early access to the beta. All you have to do is follow a Black Ops Cold War stream that has drops enabled for 4 hours. Just follow this link and link your Twitch account to your account. Once the accounts are connected, you can choose a BOCW stream on Twitch that has activated drops and let it run. After you have watched a total of 4 hours, you will receive a Twitch notification and should be able to install and run the beta on

Are you already playing or are you still waiting for a drop? We are already busy playing and will of course tell you about our experiences.

All other Call of Duty news and updates, such as the patch notes for Patch 1.28, can be found on EarlyGame.

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