A Godzilla-sized announcement comes soon

Big Ikoria reveal comes to MTGA April 2

Ikoria big reveal april 2

This is a big footprint. (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

A special Twitch stream will make a big announcement for the future of Magic: The Gathering Arena tomorrow.

Ikoria is almost here! EarlyGame readers remember our fun little speculation article we did a couple of months back.

Well, the waiting is no more and it’s finally time to see how many of our predictions are about to be confirmed!

In a cryptic message sent to players over email, Wizards of the Coast teased a big announcement to be made. The artwork attached features a massive footprint of a taloned, four-toed monster foot. Talk about a Lair of Behemoths!

The celebratory stream announcing the big (pun intended!) news is set for April 2 on the official Magic Twitch channel.

In preparation for said event, the channel is already sporting a cool, stylized monster artwork reminiscent of the promotional art around War of the Spark.

We expect to see an interview with RND members, talk of the new set’s story and mechanics, a showcase of cards, and probably a big announcement for MTGA.

Limited-time two-player Ikoria Commander event? One can only hope!

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