The Hearthstone 2020 Showcase is coming

Big Hearthstone reveal comes March 17

Big Hearthstone Reveal March 17

A Dryad and a Murloc walk into a tavern... (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Today Hearthstone will discuss what’s coming to the game this year and show “more than ever before” in the special Hearthstone 2020 Showcase stream on Twitch and YouTube.

The show starts on March 17 at 9:00 a.m. PT. The program will be opened by renowned game designer and competitive player Brian Kibler, just like previous expansion reveal streams.

After the initial part with Kibler, Hearthstone Game Director Ben Lee will join the discussion.

Finally, Hearthstone game designers Chadd Nervig and Dean Ayala will show up and take a deep dive into Blizzard’s plans for the digital card game.

The Anaheim studio promises to share more than it has ever before. Normally, these kinds of streams are used to reveal the theme and keyworded mechanics of an upcoming set and maybe preview a dozen cards. “More than ever” means that we can expect a bigger info dump regarding more than one release - we’re talking multiplayer and single-player content. New Battlegrounds, a new expansion, and a new story campaign are the least we can expect. Why not something brand-new as well?

The show will be available to watch on both the official Hearthstone YouTube channel and the PlayHearthstone Twitch.

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