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Best FUT 20 team under 100K

Best fut 20 team under 100k

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In April each year, a lot of new players join FIFA. The main reason for this is Origin Access. Origin usually adds FIFA as one of the games that can be played via regular access and it costs only €5 per month.

If you are one of those players, you are probably just starting your FIFA journey. Luckily for you, there is already a ton of in-form cards out there and the regular player prices went down. It is actually possible to make a pretty strong FUT 20 team within only 100K balance. So, let's start.


The majority of players use the Premier League as their source of players. Everyone already upgraded their teams and replaced their regular cards with better in-form versions. Therefore, the price of regular cards went down and they are pretty cheap. That's why we will only use Premier League players in this FUT 20 team.

It is easier to make 100 chemistry if you have players from only 1 League. Keep in mind that this squad is only to make you started, and it is not good enough for higher leagues so you will have to adapt and upgrade later on. Our formation is standard 4-3-3, which is also the best formation for your starting squad.

Let's assume that you opened your welcome packs and got a few good players out of it. You also passed basic and advances squad build challenges. After that, you should have around 100K coins to make your team. The total cost of this team is 88K on PS4, 87K on XBOX and 96K on PC.

It is an affordable squad on every platform and also easy to upgrade because all the players are from the same league. We tried to make a few green links between the players so you can also upgrade your team with players from another league and still keep the max chemistry.

FUT 20 Team under 100k composition

Our budget FUT 20 team composition.


First of all, for your FUT 20 team, you will need a good goalie that won't make any silly mistakes. It is just frustrating to receive a goal due to your goalkeeper’s incapability to defend against silly shots. One of the best goalkeepers in the game that is still cheap is Ederson from Man City. He is our first pick.

You will also need 2 CBs who are relatively fast, have a high physique, and good defending score. The best CBs you can get in the Premier League under this budget are Sanchez from Tottenham and Bailly from Manchester United. Both players are fast, reliable and good at defending.

Everything above 70 pace is good for one CB as attackers slow down if they have a ball. You also need fast players for RB and LB because they can occasionally join attacks. Those players also need to have high passing accuracy as they have to get the ball in the box. Luke Shaw from United and Pereira from Leicester are everything you need. Just look at their scores.


This formation requires 3 midfielders. The central midfielder has to support the defense while the other 2 require high dribbling and passing skills to support the attack. The best central midfielder you can get right away is Fabinho from Liverpool. He is an all-around midfielder with 85 defense skills. This player also has high passing accuracy which is critical for every midfielder.

The two dribblers we talked about earlier are Dele Alli from Tottenham and Wijnaldum from Liverpool. Both have 4-star skill moves and high passing accuracy. They can join attacks and occasionally make a few shots on goal. However, we do not recommend using your midfielders for attacks, at least not yet.


FIFA is not so similar to real football. We all know that pace is all that matters in this game. You need 3 fast forwarders in order to have a deadly attack. Central forwarder in this team is Marcus Rashford from United. This player has a 5-star dribbling skill, 92 pace, 82 shoot and 83 dribbling overall scores. If you add a Hunter chemistry style on him, he is just unstoppable.

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Your wingers must also be fast and know how to dribble. We picked Martial from United and Sterling from City for the job. Both of them are fast, have 4-star skill moves, high dribbling and shooting scores. The only flaw they have is their passing skill. We recommend that you use a chemistry style that improves passing on those players and they will be perfectly capable to do everything they are asked for.

If you want to try to make your own FIFA Ultimate Team under 100K, you can do it on FUTBIN. This site has everything you need to build a perfect squad and shows real-time player prices on all platforms.

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