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Best Apex Legends characters in Season 3

Apex Legends Characters
We've shortlisted Apex Legends' now 11 characters to the best 5. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Since the start of Season 3 in Apex Legends, the list of characters you can play with grew to 11, while the new map, Worlds’ Edge, was one of the most significant changes to the game since its release. So, let’s count down the best legends in the game considering the current status quo.

5. Crypto

Best Apex Legends characters Crypto
Crypto. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

The surveillance expert was released together with the new map, so it seems like his kit was tailored for the vast environments at Worlds‘ Edge. His drone and related abilities give an essential advantage to every team on the map, but the fact that you either control him or the drone is where Crypto’s weakness lies. His ability to pick up friendly banners is another big plus.

4. Bangalore

Best Apex Legends characters Bangalore
Bangalore. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Her being very balanced gives both much-needed utility and a mobility boost which makes her crucial to cover for her team with a smoke and very difficult to hit. What has been disappointing about her is her ult, but with Season 3 it got a much-needed buff as well.

3. Lifeline

Best Apex Legends characters Lifeline
Lifeline. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Lifeline is always handy supporting the team in tough fights. She revives fallen teammates faster, deploys shield walls and uses all healing items 25% faster than any other legend. Much like our previous pick, her reduced mobility makes her vulnerable, but this is more than balanced by her exceptional healing shielding kit.

2. Pathfinder

Best Apex Legends characters Pathfinder
Pathfinder. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

The robot naturally makes it towards the top of our list mainly due to his unrivaled mobility. Proof of his mobility prowess is the fact that even after nerfs to both of his abilities, he is still one of the most played characters and an essential part of every team. A recent survey posted by Reddit user 'DYSPROssium' shows that he is still seen by players as a top candidate for further nerfs.

1. Wraith

Best Apex Legends characters Wraith
Wraith. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

As many of you surely expected, Wraith takes the crown of the best character in Apex Legends. Her small frame which makes her the character with the smallest hitbox in the game is a huge advantage, making her very hard to hit. Add to this her tactical ability which makes her avoid all damage for a few seconds while boosting her movement speed and is considered one of the most useful in the game.

Do you agree with our picks? Which legends do you find better than others? Let us know in the comments.