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Will Battlefield 2042 Have A Battle Royale?


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This year's Battlefield 2042 is due to release in just three months' time. As we approach that date more and fans are beginning to ask: will Battlefield 2042 Have A Battle Royale? Some players want one, others loath the idea, but will it even happen? Well...it's a little more complicated than that...
has always been great at huge, open play. The franchise is famous for it. They should, therefore, be able to make a decent Battle Royale. So, why is this issue so divisive among the fans? The problem is their self–image. Battlefield fans see their community as an antidote to Call of Duty in some sense; where Call of Duty is 'sweaty' and arcady, Battlefield is more serious and objective–focused. And Battle Royales are seen as typical of this 'Call of Duty' mindset. Full of sweaty tryhards working for themselves and their own k/d. So, understandably, EA DICE wants to persuade the fans that their game is distinct from that. Here's their solution.


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