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We know how much our shooter fans love a new rifle

All The Weapons And Vehicles Revealed In Battlefield 2042 So Far

Every Battlefield Weapon and Vehicle revealed so far
One thing the new Battlefield needs are impressive vehicles, it wouldn't be a Battlefield game without them | © EA

So far we've had four screenshots and one trailer leak for this year's Battlefield. Now, an officially released trailer too. We know our shooter fans love new hardware as much as we do, so here are all the weapons and vehicles we've seen in Battlefield so far. 

Battlefield has been drawing a lot of attention recently, and it feels like this year's installment of the franchise will be the one to watch. One of the biggest questions for any new shooter is of course, what are the new vehicles and weapons? Well, here's a complete list of everything we've seen in Battlefield so far, and we are going to be using both official and leaked material to get a more complete picture of what the game has to offer. 

Note: We're going to be updating this article live as more weapons and vehicles are revealed, so make sure to return to keep up to speed with Battlefield. 


What Weapons Have Been Revealed In Battlefield

  • TG-24: That's how it's described in-game, it's actually a Ruger MSR, a modern precision rifle. It should be capable of equipping all manner of attachments, and we should be allowed to rechamber the rifle for various calibers, as it is for the MSR in real life. 
  • Revolver: In one screenshot we saw a weapon in someone's HUD, their secondary revolver. It had 36 rounds remaining, so it's almost certainly a high-power six-shot revolver.
  • Kriss Vector: This is seen in the official trailer for a split second, it's an incredibly fast–firing submachine gun that can be chambered for a wide range of pistol-caliber cartridges. In the gameplay trailer, it returns under the name 'K30'. 
  • Remington 870 Express: A pump-action shotgun, honestly, it probably won't see much play as a shotgun. 
  • AK–74: A modern variant of the AK chambered in 5.45x39, given how prevalent Russia is in the game this would be an odd one for them to miss. 
  • Modern AR–15s: Sorry we can't be more specific here, the camera is shaky at this point in the trailer, and you can't make out enough details to identify specific manufacturers. But, there were definitely 30rnd Magpul magazines of .556 and Picatinny quad–rails on multiple rifles held by the soldiers. Again, it would be insane if we didn't get AR–15s in the next Battlefield. 
  • UMP45: The MP5s ugly, less–beloved, younger brother has made it into the game too, we see a soldier with one in the trailer. 
  • LWRC SMG: A .45 SMG, whose design is based on the AR–15 platform. In-game it'll be described as the PBX–9. 
  • SIG SG 550: One of the soldiers in the back of the taxi during the trailer was wielding the 550. 
  • M249: A standard LMG we see in most modern shooters, in this case, seen in the gameplay reveal. 
  • Stoner 96: This is another LMG, you can see it's called 'LCMG' in the gameplay trailer, but it's actually a Stoner 96; a belt-fed LMG chambered in 5.56. 
  • Glock–19: Not called by its official name in-game (Glock are famously reluctant to give their license to video games) but it's unmistakably seen in the elevator scene of the gameplay trailer. 
  • MCX–Spear: You can see one in the opening of the trailer, this .556 rifle might have a difficult time differentiating itself from the other modern ARs, but with the right attachments, perhaps. 
  • C4: A weapon of a kind, it was somewhat obviously going to be in the game, but it's made the list because we don't want to miss anything. You can see the C4 thrown in the gameplay trailer.

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What Vehicles Have Been Revealed In Battlefield


  • M1A5 Abrams: Almost certainly the M1 Abrams judging from the general shape and the 120mm smoothbore gun. That said, a lot of the individual details are wrong, and it's going to appear under the generic 'M1A5', without the license to use the full name or complete design.
  • Hovercraft: We saw in the trailer some kind of hovercraft moving across the ice,  there's no real-world version that inspires this vehicle. 
  • ATV: It looks like the Polaris WV 850, used by various militaries around the world, but there are enough differences with this one that it might be something else. 
  • Humvee: This is one of the big no–brainers, but yes, the Humvee is coming in Battlefield 2042. Confirmed now in the gameplay trailer.
  • T-14 Armata: Now we're getting futuristic, this is an example of the next–generation of tanks, boasting impressive speeds and a wide potential array of armaments. 


  • Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey: We see a fleet of these fly in during the first leaked trailer, ordinarily only used as transport vehicles but let's see what EA make of them. 
  • Prototype Jet-Osprey: Described in-game as the 'MV38 Condor', this vehicle has no known real-world equivalent, but it's clearly supposed to be a jet-powered Osprey. 
  • Apache AH-64: It would almost be odd to not have an Apache, these attack helicopters should come equipped with some impressive armaments, but that'll all depend on how powerful EA want to make them. 
  • MH-6/AH-6 Little Bird: In the trailer, you can see what we think is a little bird being pursued, this one is less certain as it's such a quick shot, so please let us know if you think we goofed this. 
  • F–35: Good to see there are modern jet fighters in Battlefield, and obviously the F–35 would be one of them - keep your eyes peeled for MiG's and Eurofighters.
  • KA–52: A Russian attack helicopter, you can see one in the trailer's opening. This is sure to please a lot of the more aggressive pilots.  
  • Squirrel Suit: Not strictly a vehicle but it'll certainly help getting from A to B, at this point, it's hard to know whether everyone will always have one or whether it's only available under certain conditions. 

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