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The actor was discovered by his nephew in the afternoon

Michael K. Williams, Of The Wire & Battlefield, Has Died At 54

Michael K Williams Of Battlefield Has Died
The troubled star was going to be the face of Battlefield 2042| © HBO& EA

Michael K Williams, the actor who played the character of Captain Kimble 'Irish' Graves in Battlefield 2042, has died at 54. The actor was found by his nephew just a few hours ago.

If you've seen any promotional material for Battlefield 2042, then the character pictured above will be familiar to you. This is the no-pat Captain Kimble 'Irish' Graves, a returning character from previous Battlefield games. He was going to be the face of Battlefield going forward; it would be this character we would see between seasonal content releases and in follow-up cinematics, but now the actor who had been playing 'Irish' has died. 

The Death Of Michael K. Williams 

Michael K. Williams was a highly acclaimed actor. He was best known for his role as Omar Little in The Wire, a crime drama set in the heroin-addled city of Baltimore. But during filming, Michael spoke about how deeply he 'fell into the role' and began experimenting with drug use. This developed into a multi-decade struggle against addiction for the actor. A struggle he, unfortunately, lost just hours ago.

On Monday, September 6, Michael K. Williams was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment, beside him was heroin paraphernalia. The death is being treated as an unsuspicious drug overdose.  

Where Does This Leave Battlefield 2042?

The death of a good man and a talented actor deserves respect and decorum, so we don't want to jump to worry Battlefield fans. But that being said, Michael was the face of Battlefield 2042 in his portrayal of Captain Kimple 'Irish' Graves. So with further VO work obviously no longer possible, we can probably expect them to take the narrative of BF2042 in a different direction. We might also see them honor the actor in some way in-game, but we will have to wait and see.

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