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More ways to move around. Who's going to hate on that?

Leak: Tactical Sprint Coming To Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Tactical Sprint
Looks like they're borrowing a little from CoD | © EA, DICE

An old Battlefield 2042 leaker has now been proven legitimate. In a Reddit post, they made a number of claims about the game that now prove to be correct. They also suggested that the 'super sprint' of Modern Warfare, the tactical sprint, is coming to Battlefield 2042. Details below. 

Battlefield 2042's reveal has been absolutely wild. Between leaks and counter–reveals we're losing track of what's official and what's escaped through the back door. Among these rumors is an older leak now proven to be legitimate. The Reddit user claimed at that time, over a year ago, that they had been involved in game testing and that Battlefield 2042 had a 'super sprint' like in Warzone, or Tactical Sprint as it's called in that game. 

What Is This Leaked 'Tactical Sprint'? 

Tactical Sprint is an ability that allows you to sprint even faster than the usual sprint pace for a short amount of time. It was introduced in 2019's Modern Warfare and then carried over into Warzone. It's also hugely popular among players and pros. 

Is Tactical Sprint Worth Bringing To Battlefield 2042

We hope this leak about 'Tactical Sprint' is true - Battlefield 2042 would only be improved by more maneuverability. The feature was popular in Call of Duty for good reason, provided they don't allow it to be exploited via slide–canceling (what a fiasco that was) then we don't see why Battlefield fans wouldn't enjoy the feature too. 

There's a lot of talk about Call of Duty and Battlefield being rivals, and while they are on a corporate level, for individual fans it can only be a good thing to see the two franchises improve one–another. We think this is one such example. 

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