How To Deploy A Bipod In Battlefield 2042

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Here's a quick guide on how to actually use the bloody bipod in Battlefield 2042!
How Deploy Bipod
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The bipod, or ADR Bipod as it appears in-game, is an underbarrel attachment available to Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Marksman rifles. In all cases, it boosts your weapon sway stability and recoil control when deployed, but in exchange, you're immobile while the bipod is deployed. Is the bipod worth using? We'll get to that. But first, here's how to deploy the ADR Bipod in Battlefield 2042.

How Do You Deploy The Bipod In Battlefield 2042

Firstly, make sure that it's actually attached to your weapon, in the loadout menu the ARD Bipod can be found in the underbarrel attachment options. But again, only for Assault Rifles, Marksman Rifles, and Sniper Rifles. To deploy the bipod in Battlefield 2042, you need to go prone in-game. It's really that simple, and while you are prone and using the Bipod you won't be able to move around.

Maybe now you can avoid situations like this...

Is The Bipod Worth Using In Battlefield 2042?

Yes, on the NTW-50, but for most other weapons you would probably rather go with a weapon that didn't force you to go prone. With the NTW-50 it works because it's an extremely long-range sniper, clearly built for camping and sniping people from afar. With other weapons, you would probably benefit more from other attachments.

Remember, going prone even without the ARD Bipod will confer a recoil and accuracy boost, so for most weapons that will be good enough. Plus, the inability to shuffle around while you're prone could be lethal if you get counter-sniped.

Well, there you have it, a short guide on the ARD Bipod and whether it's worth using in Battlefield! Whether Battlefield is worth playing is a different question, though...