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Is it just hype or are they really going to be massive?

Battlefield 2042 Map Size Comparison


Battlefield 2042 will release with seven maps. The community assumes they'll be huge because, well, it's a Battlefield game. But how big are the Battlefield 2042 maps really? How do they compare to the size of the previous Battlefield maps, or to Warzone's Vedansk? We were curious - so keep reading if you are too. 

With news that Battlefield 2042 will be multiplayer only, all eyes have turned on the maps which will therefore make up the basis of play at least until more content is released post-launch. Now, this is a Battlefield game, so everyone assumed the maps would be large. But then we heard about EA's plans to fill public lobbies with bots to make sure all 128 player slots were filled. If it's that crucial these maps be at the max player count to not feel empty, they must be absolutely massive, or so we assumed. 


How Big Are The Battlefield 2042 Maps?  

Thanks to a useful graphic that Dice showcased we have an idea of the map sizes for Battlefield 2042 compared to a few older maps. See for yourself: 

Battlefield 2042 map size comparison
You can see there's a real range between the biggest and smallest maps | © EA

Most of the comparisons are to BFV maps, and for those unfamiliar, here are the relative sizes of BFV maps: 

BFV map size
Surprised Rotterdam was that small? | © Reddit user: u/szayas

For three of the seven new maps, they are compared instead to BF3's Noshahr Canals and Caspian Border, and BF 1942's El Alamein. Now Caspian Border is in the graphic above alongside BFV's maps. El Alamein from way back in Battlefield 1942 is known to be ever so slightly larger than Sinai from BF1, so on this map, it would be the same diagonal length as Hamada but square. The Noshahr Canals was a relatively small map for BF3 at about 2/3 the size of Arras on the image above.  

Based on this information we can give a rough estimate of size for the Battlefield 2042 maps coming in October: 

  • Kaleidoscope: 0.21 km2
  • Discarded: 0.64 km2
  • Orbital: 0.78 km2
  • Borderline: 0.81 km2
  • Manifest: 0.92 km2
  • Hourglass: 1.2 km2 
  • Irreversible: 1.93 km2 

These figures are in line with what we expect from a Battlefield game, although none of them would be large enough for a BR at present. 

Like keeping up to speed with all things Battlefield? So do we, here's a few of the new additions in case you missed anything: 

How Do Battlefield 2042 Maps Compare To Verdansk?

Using the known size of Verdansk's map squares (373m2 or about 0.14km2) we can fairly easily calculate how large the Battlefield 2042's maps are by comparison. The smallest map, Kaleidoscope, will be about one and a half Verdansk squares, which equates fairly evenly to the size of Farmland. And the largest map, Irreversible, will be about 14 squares worth in Verdasnk, or the size of the space on the West of the map from Airport down to the bottom of Hills. Here's a graphic to give you an idea of map size:

Battlefield maps size comparison to Warzone's Verdansk
Some of these will be really quite massive, considering they are only multiplayer maps | © Activision Blizzard

As you can see the seven maps combined will equal about the size of the playable area of Verdansk, which is more than enough to be getting on with. 

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