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It was inevitable, but we're not complaining

First Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Leaks

First Gameplay leaks oF BF2042 Drop
These leaks are spreading like wildfire right now | © EA

Battlefield 2042's alpha playtesting has begun. As everyone predicted, leaks followed shortly after. And right now images and videos of Battlefield 2042's gameplay are spreading like wildfire. The good news? Battlefield 2042's gameplay is looking quality. 

The obvious has happened, people have leaked screenshots from at-home alpha playtesting of a highly anticipated game. Consider us shocked. But seriously, only moments after Exodus drops, all of the leakers are like: leggo. You might have already seen some clips of the gameplay on social media, but if not, don;'t worry - we've got the goods. 

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Leaks 

We know why you're here. So let's get to some of these sweet leaks. 

The video above might well be removed soon, so check it out while you can. It's looking very Battlefield, and I mean that in a fantastic way - truly, this game will be a love letter to the fans. It looks like the playtesters have got their hands on a fair bit of content, including a decent array of weapons: 

It seems that like Call of Duty, Battlefield has abandoned the expensive practice of paying for licenses to use the correct names for firearms. And it'll always somewhat irk me when I have to use a ridiculous placeholder name for some of these iconic weapons, but it is what it is. 

Note: There will be hundreds more screenshots and leaks like these as the playtesting continues, we'll collect some of the best of them so stay tuned. 

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How Can You Apply For The Playtesting

Sadly, you can no longer apply for Battlefield 2042 alpha playtesting, but if you pre-order the game, then you will be eligible for the closed beta coming in September. Still, we don't blame you for asking. Seeing all these leaks makes you just want to jump in right now, doesn't it? Well, you'll have to wait a bit longer, we're afraid. The game will be fully released on October 22. 

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