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Did you play the Battlefield 2042 beta? Do you think you've got good feedback for the devs? Then check your emails. Because EA began sending out beta surveys last night.
EA Send BF2042 Beta Survey
It would be great to see the stats they get from these surveys, but it probably makes for a depressing read... | © EA

Battlefield 2042's beta was divisive to say the very least. You can read our full review here, but be warned, it may be triggering if you're a die-hard Battlefield fan, and you loved the 2042 beta. Spoiler alert: we were underwhelmed. Like a ton of fans were. Anyway, at least EA is showing a willingness to learn from the experience.

The Battlefield 2042 Feedback Survey

In a smart marketing move, EA has begun sending surveys to beta participants. They know as well as anyone else how poorly received the play test was, so showing an interest in feedback is only a good thing. Here are a few of the questions they've been asking:

  • How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with identifying enemy characters in Battlefield 2042?
  • How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the amount of time spent in combat?
  • How do you feel about the Specialist system compared to the older class system?

It's great to see they're paying attention to the areas of community concern.

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How Do You Get The Beta Survey?

EA will email participants with a personal link to the beta survey, if you don't receive one then we're afraid there's no way to complete a beta survey. But for those who have been emailed, it seems (from the conversations on Reddit and Twitter at least) to have had a positive effect. Like a ray of hope to the disappointed fans - it shows that things might change. As u/sovereignOne puts it:

Ok boys, this is where we make them do the right thing. Just finished mine and let me say, the questions they ask show they know the majority of the fans will not like what's about to launch. Be cordial, but be direct. The way we let them know what we feel about 2042 might me the difference between a broken unbalanced skin selling mess or a true successor to the BF name. Judging by the questionaire, no matter what they say about the beta, the game is still in really bad shape. Let's make them see it's ok even delay it yet again if that's what it takes to have a working, balanced bf with no specialists, smaller maps with no bots, and working physics and hit detection (all of this they ask about in the survey).

For those who didn't get a chance to play, this user actually summarizes quite well what we've heard a bulk of the community asking for. Let's see if EA can deliver.

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