DICE Insider Leaks All: The Battlefield 2042 Beta Was NOT An Old Build!

DICE Insider Leaks All: The Battlefield 2042 Beta Was NOT An Old Build!

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A bombshell article from a now-infamous Battlefield leaker has revealed more worrying news for BF2042. The beta is much more recent than we were led to believe, and it probably won't change much by launch...
battlefield 2042's beta was not an old build
Wait a second... did EA lie to us...? | © EA

Have you heard of Tom Henderson? if so, then please continue on to the worrying news below. But if not, Mr. Henderson is the Battlefield leaker. Someone at DICE has been feeding him info direct from the source for about a year now. And in a bombshell article for GamingIntel, he just revealed some of the worst news we've had about this title, and because it's Tom Henderson we're sadly inclined to believe him.

Battlefield 2042 Beta Was NOT An Old Build

Even if you didn't play the Battlefield 2042 beta you must surely have heard by now how poorly received it was. In a last-ditch effort to maintain hope for the game, many die-hard fans were seeking solace in a statement EA had made on their community forums declaring that the beta build "was branched from the Full Release client a few months ago". If the build had indeed been months old, then this would leave enough time before release for a lot of issues to be resolved - but it turns out this was a lie. The beta is not as old a build as they want you to believe. As Henderson describes:

My DICE associate claimed that the beta build wasn’t actually months old at all. The source stated that the Beta build is from early-mid September, but couldn’t give an accurate date.

A second source would later back up this information, who had revealed the Battlefield 2042 delay plans and new Beta release dates to me in mid-September.
This is very daunting for BF2042, to say the least. If the beta build is from mid-September then they only have 60 days to get it into a playable state.

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Why Was The BF2042 Beta So Poorly Received?

If we're to condense the criticisms people had of the Battlefield 2042 beta into a single point, it's that BF2042 lacks the immersion and atmosphere of a normal Battlefield game, and without that, it's just a mediocre shooter competing against games that run on far nicer engines. And why was it so devoid of that classic Battlefield feeling? Because you never get the sense of being a grunt with a single responsibility; you can freely roam and do what you want, you can take any weapon and any gadget, and you don't need to bring utility to the game.

We also no longer have clear squad leadership positions, and both teams are now comprised of the exact same character models because of the specialist system, so you don't even get the sense that it's our team versus theirs. You feel like a lone wolf - and Battlefields don't excel at that more arcady, one-man-army style shooter experience.

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