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After CoD: Mobile's success this was predictable

Battlefield Mobile Begins Playtesting - Available On Google Play Store Now

Battlefield Mobile
No, this isn't a leak or rumor - this is actually happening | © EA

Battlefield Mobile appeared without fanfare on the Google Play Store a few moments ago (September 5 at the time of writing). The new game is still in its playtesting phase but looks set to challenge CoD: Mobile later in the year. Here are the details on Battlefield Mobile and how to join the playtesting

Battlefield fans have been growing increasingly worried over the lack of communication from EA. First not showing up at Gamescom, despite being a listed attendee, and then withholding the open beta dates. These worries were confirmed when an email leaked that revealed deeply concerning internal delays with Battlefield 2042. 

With bated breath, we waited and wondered - what could the hold up be at Battlefield HQ? Well, just hours ago a possible explanation emerged when Battlefield Mobile hit the Google Play Store. 

What Is Battlefield Mobile?

Battlefield Mobile is an app from EA that scales down the warfare of Battlefield onto the small screen, but it retains an impressive look for a mobile FPS, much like Call of Duty: Mobile. The game will feature the classic four Battlefield classes, environmental destruction, plenty of vehicles, and recreations of some of Battlefield's favorite maps. At the moment it's just going to offer a classic multiplayer experience and won't support the new Portal or Hazard Zone modes coming to Battlefield 2042.

The game is set to be entirely free-to-play and will be financed through Battle Passes and cosmetics. 

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How Can You Join The Battlefield Mobile Playtest?

Battlefield Mobile is being playtested in the Philippines and Indonesia right now, and only on Android. This means if you are not located in that region the only way you can play is by using a VPN configured on your Android device to reconnect via the Philippines or Indonesia. But if you can do that much, then you can get a taste of Battlefield Mobile by simply downloading it from the Google Play Store. 

In these regions console ownership is far lower and so mobile games are comparatively far more successful. We can expect them to continue pushing Battlefield Mobile in these regions first. 

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