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Yet more leaks emerge of this years Battlefield instalment

Battlefield 6 Trailer: '80% Leaked'

Battlefield 6 Trailer Leak
With so much of the trailer already available to watch, how much longer can EA hold out for an official reveal? (Credit: Pavel Zayats)

More leaks of the Battlefield 6 trailer emerged this weekend. Battlefield insider Tom Henderson claims that now 80% of the total reveal trailer is available for fans to watch online. No word from EA yet, who are presumably going to continue with their plan of delaying the official release until next month. 

This year's battlefield is drawing a lot of attention, most of it positive, but EA's handling of the reveal trailer has been very poor. After Tweeting in April that the game's full reveal would be released 'soon' they continued to tease impatient fans until mid-May when they announced it would in fact be June when the reveal trailer was released. Many took to discord and rallied around Tom Henderson, an infamous leaker, and encouraged those in possession of the trailer to begin leaking the footage. After the audio, and then multiple screenshots were indeed leaked, an anonymous member of Henderson's discord server released actual video footage. 


How Much Of The Trailer Can You Actually Watch? 

You can see 80% of the leaked Battlefield trailer already, and you can already to the complete audio. The audio has been out for some time, since May 9th, and beneath all the explosions and gunfire the sample track has been identified as 'Run Baby Run' by 2WEI feat. Ali Christenhusz. This was confirmed by Henderson in this tweet: 

It was also Henderson who suggested the 80% figure when talking about how much of the trailer was actually available for fans to watch already. He greeted the news with a smile, while we can only imagine how EA's lawyers reacted, 

Where Can You Watch The Battlefield Trailer?

The Battlefield 6 trailer can be watched now, the leaked footage and audio have been uploaded by hundreds of fans. With such a huge game it was no wonder that EA would fail to contain leaks, but even so, it's somewhat embarrassing for the near-complete trailer to be available before its 'reveal'. At the time of writing this Twitter link was actively sharing the trailer: 

How EA intend to respond to this, if they even do, is unknown.

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