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The new Battle Pass system should prove popular

This Is Battlefield 2042's New Battle Pass

Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass
The new Battle Pass system is sure to be popular with fans. (Credit: EA)

A massive Battlefield 2042 leak dropped earlier today, with details from the Origin store. In a now-deleted Reddit post, we learned new information about how the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass will work. We've got all the info right here. 

Battlefield 2042's reveal is upon us, and at the same time massive leaks continue to pour out about the game. Alongside the reveal trailer, new details have emerged about the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass. The new Battle Pass system looks like it will be received warmly by fans, as it has been with other similar franchises – all details below. 


How Will The Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass Work? 

EA intends to break Battlefield 2042 up across a year into 'seasons' of three months, each season will have a new Battle Pass, and will provide a new base class to join the starting four. We've also learned that the Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition will come with the first year's Battlefield 2042 Battle Passes included. All these details come from a now-deleted post by Reddit user u/Popygay. In their own words:

4 New Specialists (1 per Season of the Year 1 Pass), 4 Battle Passes (1 per Season of the Year 1 Pass)

A Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass that lasts for three months would be quite generous, provided it comes with enough content to feel like the players are getting their money's worth. It would also give players a little longer than Call of Duty's Battle Pass, to actually complete every level. EA will need to make sure that they don't come off like they're nickel and diming the community though – they need to keep the Battlefield 2042 Battlepass around 10 dollars. 

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