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The gadgets in particular are worrying

Battlefield 2042 Leaks Reveal Futuristic Weapons & Bizarre Gadgets

Battlefield 2042 Weapons & Gadgets
Tech in BF2042 goes from the old school 1911 all the way to robotics | © EA

We've had a good look at Battlefield 2042 since the playtesting leaks. There was a ton of gameplay revealed, and while combing through it all, the weapons and specialist gadgets really caught our attention...

Battlefield 2042's alpha was supposed to be a closed event that required invitees to sign an NDA, but this being the leak and the rumor-fueled world of gaming, the playtesters proceeded to dump a ton of Battlefield 2042 footage as soon as the weekend began.

In a radical departure from how Battlefield traditionally divided weapons and classes, in Battlefield 2042, you will be able to use any weapon, no matter your class. So, sniper rifles aren't limited to Recon, Engineers can use them now too, and vice versa with LMGs. This will probably be divisive among the old-school, but it should make the game more accessible. 

The attachment system has been changed too, you can now swap between attachments mid-game. So if you're using an optic with a stronger zoom on the first floor but then decide to whiz up the elevator into the thick of a rooftop fight, you might choose to switch the optics for a simple red-dot sight. 

Let's take a look at some of these weapons and gadgets. 

Battlefield 2042's Weapons

There were videos flying all over the place, but we found the nicest compilation put together by @CODBF2042Leaks in a two-parter:


Don't get me wrong those look like good animations. We'll need some serious upgrades to the Frostbite engine before the next Battlefield game, to be sure. 

Like keeping up to speed with all things Battlefield? So do we, so here are a few recent stories in case you missed anything:

Battlefield 2042 Specialist Gadgets

Here are some examples of the Specialist gadgets we've seen and the Specialists who use them:

  • Stim Pistol – Maria Falck
  • Recon Drone – Casper
  • Supply Drop - Unknown
  • Deployable Cover – Kimble “Irish” Graves
  • Signal Hacker - Unknown
  • Construction Kit - Unknown
  • Grapple Gun – Webster Mackay
  • Personal Shield - Unknown
  • Autoturret – Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky

Casper's Recon Drone is very broken right now according to playtesters, there was some footage, but it's since been scrubbed by EA.

The Specialist system has been particularly divisive so far, with many arguing Battlefield should be a game played between generic soldiers, but EA pushes on with the system for now. We'll keep you updated if anything changes. 

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