Battlefield 2042 Update 4: Release Date, Patch Notes & Balance Changes

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Battlefield 2042 still has a long way to go, but these updates have been huge. Let's see what Update 4 is bringing to the game!
Battlefield 2042 Update - Patch Notes
An EA dev working tirelessly to fix Battlefield 2042. | © EA

Battlefield 2042 has been... well... yeah. Not great. But they've been working hard since release to update the game and to improve what they can. In fact, they've gone as far as restructuring the studios working on the Battlefield franchise, but don't get too excited; the potential benefits of this will obviously need years to take effect. For now, we'll need to see what they can do with incremental fixes and changes, so let's take a look at Update 4.

Battlefield Update 4 Release Date

EA haven't given an exact date yet for the release of Battlefield 2042's Update 4, but you should expect it to the week of December 6-10. This is based on a previous statement made in Update 3's blog post:

In early December you can expect one more small update focused on further balance changes, and general bug fixes to further enhance your gameplay experience.

They might delay this update slightly, but they won't want it to be released too close to Christmas. Otherwise, they won't have enough time to sell the seasonal cosmetics that are surely to be included with Update 4.

What Time Will Update 4 Be Implemented?

We cannot confirm the exact time of release yet, but so far, the updates have all been implemented at around the same time; late evening for those in North America, and early morning in Europe. Update 3, for instance, was released at 00:00 PT (03:00 ET, 08:00 GMT, 09:00 CET), so we expect Update 4 to be out at around the same time.

We will update this article as soon as we have more information for you.

Update 4 Bug Fixes & Balance Changes

TBC. Unfortunately, we haven't been given a sneak preview of what to expect, but we'll publish the full patch notes here as soon as they've been released.

Until then, why not get some of the AR's levelled? It looks like the AK-24 is going to get a buff soon…