Battlefield 2042's Sniper Rifle Destroys Tanks Faster than Rocket Launchers

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Battlefield 2042's launch has left a lot to be desired. In fact, the game is so broken that you can destroy a tank faster with a Sniper Rifle than with a Rocket Launcher.
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Yes, you read that right: take a Sniper to a Tank fight. You won't regret it. | © Electronic Arts

Few video game disasters have been more monumental than the colossal clusterfork of Battlefield 2042's launch. It is a broken nightmare, void of the features we all wanted, with overly bloated and poorly designed maps, and an utter embarrassment for Electronic Arts. Today, we will be focusing on the game being "broken", with reports coming in that – and yes, you won't believe this – Sniper Rifles are so overpowered that they are more effective against Tanks than Rocket Launchers. Go figure!

Posted on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit, one player exemplified just how broken the game is. So imagine this: you're coming up on a tank, and you're equipped with the most bizarre loadout possible – an NWT-50 Sniper Rifle and an M5 Rocket Launcher. Makes sense... right? Well, no, but just go with me here. Which one will you pull out to take down that armored monstrosity? The Rocket Launcher? Wrong! What is wrong with you, EA? Seriously.

It's honestly bizarre to see a few shots from a Sniper Rifle take out a Tank, causing a huge explosion, just as you would expect from an explosive forking missile. It's beyond reason, and feels utterly overpowered. Who balanced this game? I don't know, but if I was Electronic Arts, I'd be seriously reconsidering his or her employment. That's not to say that Battlefield 2042's state is the fault of a single individual. I have a tip for EA: Stop releasing broken games. No one likes you.

Here's the clip:

A proper balance. NWT-50 outclasses M5 Recoilless by a mile. from battlefield2042

Wait, Did That Sniper Destroy That Tank?

Yes, Sniper Rifles are more effective against Tanks than Rocket Launchers. According to VG247, the M5 Rocket Launcher takes out a Tank in three shots, a process that makes up a total of almost 14 seconds, as opposed to the 8 seconds it takes to fire the four shots it takes to down a Tank with the NWT-50 Sniper Rifle. Guys, this is getting silly. How can it possibly be this badly balanced?

Well, the explanation is actually surprisingly simple. The NWT-50 Sniper Rifle is an anti-Tank Sniper and in the video above has been equipped with anti-Tank rounds. They are armor piercing and will cut right through the vehicle. That being said, it's still insanely OP because those rounds will cut through the armor plating, killing those inside the vehicle, but won't cause the bloody thing to explode in a ball of fire!

Whilst the Sniper in question is a late unlock, and the M5 is an earlier unlock, it's still ridiculous that a Sniper Rifle that has been designed for infantry is better than a Rocket Launcher that is designed for armored vehicles. Last I checked, Tanks are armored vehicles. They are, right? Or have I been sleeping under a rock?

So there you have it, another reason why Battlefield 2042 sucks more than basically any other game that has come out this year. This is the same year, in fact the same month, in which Call of Duty: Vanguard launched. Thus, considering how awful that game is, the statement I just made is a true indictment on Battlefield. Honestly, guys, pull yourselves together. I'm going to bugger off now, and I'm taking my saltiness with me...