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Henderson up to his old tricks again...

Battlefield 2042: Seasonal Content Leak Suggests A New Map A Month

Battlefield 2042 Seasonal Content
A new map a month? At this size? Bloody hell... | © EA

The level of seasonal content that players can expect from Battlefield 2042 has just been leaked. It's an astronomical amount of new content every three months if it's true, indeed, a new map each month apparently. Does this make the Battle Pass worth it? Can we even trust this leak? Answers below. 

Tom Henderson, the now infamous Battlefield leaker, has published an article going into greater depth on his previous Tweets regarding Seasonal Content in 2042. That's right, he's published an article about his own Tweets - he's gone full Henderson. But there's some interesting information here, and he claims that it's all been only recently revealed to him, so should still be correct. If it is, then we're in for pretty much non-stop content from Battlefield 2042 throughout its lifecycle. 

How Much New Content Will Battlefield 2042 Get Each Season

Here's what the leaker, Tom Henderson, claimed we would be getting each season (three months): 

The new Specialist per season seems obvious, as do the 100 Battle Pass tiers and the Hazard Zone updates. But we're less certain about getting 2-3 vehicles, 6-8 weapons, and 3 maps (Henderson revised this original leak in the article, claiming that only one Portal map, and not two, would be coming each season). That would be a phenomenal amount, especially for Battlefield, who are notoriously slow with DLC. But if true, that's exactly the kind of live-service offering that game needs to really compete in this gaming environment. 


Like keeping up to speed with all things Battlefield? So do we, here's a few of the new additions in case you missed anything:

Does This Make The Battle Pass Worth The Price Or Not?

Much like in Warzone, Battlefield 2042 will have to offer all the gameplay additions - weapons, maps, modes, etc. - to every player, regardless of whether they have the premium Battle Pass, while those who do have the Pass will get cosmetics as they level through the season. We can say this much to our readers then: whether cosmetics are worth it for you as a player will decide whether the Battle Pass is a good purchase. We would actually advise people to wait and see the rewards, rather than pre-ordering an edition that comes with the first year's Battle Passes. These cosmetics could be mil-sim or cartoony, and anything in between, don't risk it. 

Can We Trust This Leak?

Tom Henderson has been fairly reliable in regards to Battlefield 2042 leaks in the past, but the claims he's making about seasonal content are so outlandish, we're skeptical. The Battlefield devs claimed during BFV's life cycle that two was the maximum number of maps they could produce each year given the size and complexity of their maps. So one a month? Alarm bells are ringing to be sure, but in regards to the other content, it's obvious that yes - they will effectively be using the same system as Warzone's Battle Pass system. 

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