Battlefield 2042 Won't Have New Content For 5 Months - Fans In Shock

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Battlefield 2042's first season release date and details have been leaked, and we've got some bad news...
This is...disappointing. | © EA

As if the news couldn't get any worse for Battlefield 2042, a recent leak has turned their last fans against them. The leak has produced information about Battlefield 2042's first post-launch season. And it isn't coming for an appallingly long time. Is this enough to kill the franchise off completely?

When will Season 1 begin in Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042's Season 1 is scheduled to begin no sooner than March 2022. Yes, you read that correctly: March 2022. Five months post-launch. Five months. If we ever needed proof that this game needed at least a year's delay, this is it. And here's the source of that information, from a known dataminer:

5 whole months. For context, Call of Duty: Vanguard will be well into its second season by that point.

As the game continues to disappoint, we're forced to ask whether it might spell the end for Battlefield as a franchise. All the series really has going for it still are the "only in Battlefield" moments, that admittedly are still possible in Battlefield 2042:

How much Content will we get in Season 1?

EA have remained quiet on just how much content to expect each season, although we know we are definitely getting at least a new Specialist, and according to an older leak, new maps for Portal and All-Out-Warfare. It's difficult to imagine how DICE could pull off producing almost as much content as Call of Duty, so take this with a grain of salt, but here's what an industry-insider leaked about seasonal content:

The maps and Specialist seem more certain, but new vehicles? That seems especially unlikely to us now we've seen the game.

What Content will we get in Season 1?

We don't know about the new weapons or Specialists yet, but it was rumored that in Portal the new content would revolve around Battlefield 1 in the first season. We've got a full article on the returning Battlefield 1 content right here. But if players have to wait until March to be able to play the BF1 content, then we aren't sure how many will still be playing the game. And to think, in summer people were calling this a "cod-killer"...