Battlefield 2042's Mastery Camos Make CoDs Look Like Trash

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BF2042's mastery camos - the gold and platinum you get for completing all the challenges on a weapon - look fantastic. Far nicer than CoDs recent mastery camos. Let's take a look!
BF 2042 Mastery Camos
This is what a 'Tier 1' camo looks like - pretty snazzy | © EA

Battlefield 2042 are doing something a little different with their mastery camos. In quite an unusual move, they're providing what sounds like a ton of great camos free of charge. I say it's unusual because their rival Call of Duty has been doing the opposite for years; deliberately making the free mastery camos look unappealing to encourage people to buy cosmetics. Good move EA, this will play well with the community.

What Do The Mastery Camos Look Like In BF2042?

There are five 'Mastery Tiers' to unlock:

  • T1 - Bronze
  • T2 - Silver
  • T3 - Gold / Silver
  • T4 - Gold / Black
  • T5 - Red / Black

You can get a better look at the exact colors beneath, they look so nice, especially when compared with CoD's nasty 'Gold' camos recently...

Mastery Camos
Pretty snazzy, you've got to admit | © EA

Note that these skins will apply to not just weapons, but skins and vehicles too:

We created a unique unified color scheme (black and red) across all the Mastery cosmetics, whether it is the Player Levels, Badges, outfits for Specialists, or Weapon Skins.

This is fantastic news. It's great to see the masochistic camo grinders get a little love.

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How Long Will It Take To Unlock The Mastery Camos In BF2042?

We don't know how many challenges need to be completed to unlock each tier, but with five possible tiers, you should expect T1 (red and black) to take at least a couple of dozen hours of grinding. Because as fantastic as the news of great free camos is, they won't be making these easy to get - let's be real, they'll still want to ship cosmetics.

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