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A predictable but no less satisfying list

Battlefield 2042: All Of The Weapons Available At Launch

Battlefield 2042 Weapons Revealed
Don't worry, there's a nice array of hardware for the taking | © EA

All of the weapons coming to Battlefield 2042 on launch have now been shared by the leaker Temporyal via Twitter. And they claim to have datamined evidence for everything on the list, so we think this is fairly reliable. You can find the full list below. 

One of the make-or-break points for any new shooter is, of course, the weapons. Now, with a game like Battlefield, we should be able to rely on getting at least a few satisfying guns in every weapon class, and we're pleased to report it looks like we're getting just that. The list is a little... anemic right now to be fair, indeed there really are only a couple of weapons in each class, but with a few seasons of content, we're sure it'll look plenty healthy enough. 

What Weapons Will Launch With Battlefield 2042?

The dataminer 'Temporyal' shared a list of all the weapons coming to Battlefield 2042 on Twitter: 

  • SMGs: PP-19 Bizon, MP9, Kriss Vector, SMG 45
  • Assault Rifles: AK12, SCAR MK 17, MCX Spear 
  • DMRs: Kel-Tec CMR-30, Chukavin SVCH, DDM4
  • LMGs: MGA SAW K, PKP Pecheneg, KAC LWAMG
  • Shotguns: Crye SIX12, Saiga-12, Remington 870MCS
  • Snipers: TTS XCEED, NTW-20, DSR-1, TRG M10 
  • Lever-Action: Marlin 45 70 
  • Miscellaneous: Cobra R9 Crossbow 
Weapons Coming To 2042
Temporyal has a reliable history with his leaks, so we think you can be confident in this list | © Temporyal

There's a lot to be happy with here, and a wide enough array for launch. You've probably noticed the distinct lack of H&K on the list, but no doubt that'll be remedied after a few seasons worth of new content. As we say, it's a good starting arsenal.

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But What About Portal? Aren't We Getting Older Weapons?

Yes, older weapons from the Battlefield franchise will be introduced to Portal, in addition to all of the Battlefield 2042 weapons, but we don't know yet how many older weapons are coming. So far, we've seen the Thompson SMG, the M1 Garand, STG-44s, Kar 98ks, 1911s, and MP40s, but there's no promise of anymore. Still, there are at least six you can add to the list of known weapons.     

All in all, we're happy with what we've got here, with the notable exception of anything on the AR platform chambered in .300 Blackout, but you can't have everything! 

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