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Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Reveal Confirmed For E3

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Reveal
Looks like we're getting even more of this sweet action. (Credit: EA)

Battlefield 2042 has just been revealed. Apart from how awesome it was, it also confirmed that a gameplay reveal would be happening at this year's E3. If people are as excited for gameplay as they were for the trailer, then this is going to blow up. Here are the details. 

After all the drama over leakers and counter-reveals, EA have finally given us the first trailer for Battlefield. It looks incredible, and every bit like the Battlefield we expected. But there was some other exciting news revealed at the end of the trailer: a release date is now confirmed that'll show gameplay at this year's E3. This is the big one, that will show what the game really looks like, and how the new style of conquest plays. 


When Is The Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Going To Be Revealed?

EA will demonstrate Battlefield 2042's gameplay during E3 on June 13 at 10 AM PT at the Xbox Game Showcase. We really hope to see some new vehicles in this gameplay reveal. They'll almost certainly only showcase one map, but multiple vehicles and weapons would be great to see. We'll see what changes they've made and how the game looks in play. Until then, we'll have a lot on our plate with E3, so keep your eyes peeled. 

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