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It might not be the smiles all round we were imagining...

4 Reasons Why Battlefield 2042 Might Be A Flop

Battlefield 2042
Maybe you should temper your expectations | © EA 

Battlefield 2042 has been getting all the hype recently. But it might fail to live up to those expectations. So before we end up with another Cyberpunk situation, let's all take a breather and remember why Battlefield 2042 might not be the game to end all games. 

I'm sure lots of Battlefield fans were immediately triggered went they read the title. Don't panic. I'm not saying Battlefield 2042 is going to suck, or that actually it'll do really poorly in sales for X, Y, and Z reasons. The thing is though, we don't want our readers heartbroken on October 22 when the game is released. So to give us a little perspective beyond mere hype and speculation, here are a few reasons why Battlefield 2042 might flop. 

Why Might Battlefield 2042 Flop? 

4. It's Built On An Older Engine 

The Frostbite engine has worked wonders with environmental destruction, and damn did the trailer get us excited for lots of that. However, as the gameplay trailer made clear to lots of fans, it's been around now for quite some years now, and it doesn't make Battlefield 2042 look breathtaking. It's good, it's nice - but there's nothing great here. The movement was likewise underwhelming. 

3. People Want A Warzone Replacement - This Isn't It 

A lot of people have grown tired of Warzone, which is a shame given how great the balance is right now, but they have. And now, all those players are looking to distant shores for something new. The problem is they'll want the speed of Call of Duty, and in particular, they'll be looking for a BR. Unfortunately, Battlefield will not launch with a Battle Royale - so unless you like massive multiplayer games then this just won't be for you. 

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2. 'Near-Future' Is A Hard Balance 

Setting anything in the 'near–future' can be challenging. Basically, people want the present day but with some creative leeway for 'prototype' technologies. Now we've already seen robotics a–plenty, and that could be fine, but if they go too far it might really sap the feeling of grittiness from the game's tone. Likewise, the cosmetics of the game might begin to lean into the kind of futuristic silliness that Battlefield fans will reliably reject. 

1. Hype Cometh Before The Fall 

Much like Cyberpunk 2077, Battlefield might suffer from the simple fact that we're expecting too much. Now it won't be anywhere near the kind of garbage that Cyberpunk was - we're not crazy, but it could be a real problem if people continue talking about it like a generation-defining title. It's a Battlefield game. It should be a laugh, but it won't fundamentally change anything. It should be a simple case of big–team battles done well. And that's okay. 

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