Players Are Being Banned From Battlefield 2042... But Nobody Knows Why

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Players are being mysteriously banned from Battlefield 2042? Are these cheaters in disguise or something more?
Battlefield Cheaters?
We've known about cheating in BF2042 since the beginning, but what's going on here? | © EA

Battlefield 2042 always knew it was going to have to deal with cheaters. Much like it's long-term rival Call of Duty, cheaters come with the territory. And for the foreseeable future they always will, unless Ricochet really is all that it's cracked up to be. So when players say they've been banned, and they "don't know why", it's almost always a cheater hoping that they can rely on the sympathy of the gullible. But when a ton of players come forward, all with the same story of being mysteriously banned, maybe there's something more going on?

Player Bans - Is This Just Anti-Cheat Working?

No, apparently not. Obviously, we can't know for certain, but a big name in the scene - Tom Henderson - has been receiving dozens of reports from players all with the same story. They don't know why, but they can't access the EA servers and their accounts have been blocked:

In the comments replying to that tweet, one user claimed that he had been emailed by EA and that it was a case of his account being compromised. They banned him, then reset his account password and unbanned him. If this has happened to you, that may be the case, so the first thing you should do is contact EA. But other users in the same thread replied saying that they had been banned and had received no such communication from EA.

Perhaps it's just people doing mad stuff, and being reported as cheating by others. I mean, we all know Battlefield has a reputation for creating those ridiculous Battlefield moments. Potentially, people are just manually reporting all these instances? Some of them are certainly beyond belief...

How Has EA Responded?

So far, EA has not responded to these worrying reports of player bans. We will of course let you know as soon as they do, but this being EA, we wouldn't be surprised if they tried to keep everything quiet. It's not like Battlefield 2042 is in a good place right now, it really couldn't handle much more bad news...