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Atlanta FaZe Blacklisted by Other CDL Teams

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Atlanta FaZe blacklisted

Atlanta FaZe did not make any friends with this move. (Image credit: Atlanta FaZe)

Shortly before the start of the New York Subliners Home Series this weekend, Atlanta FaZe was excluded from training by several teams of the Call of Duty League (CDL) because they do not adhere to the current Gentleman's Agreement.

Atlanta FaZe lead the CDL table as of now, but that could all change this weekend at the New York Subliners Home Series, especially considering recent events.

Atlanta FaZe Break Gentleman’s Agreement

Activision nerfed two premier Call of Duty weapons – the Grau 5.56 and the MP5, with the Season 4 Reloaded update.The MP5 was the most played weapon in the Call of Duty League until then and many wondered if it would be replaced now and if so, by which gun. As it seems, Atlanta FaZe have been testing some alternatives.

Tyler "aBeZy" Pharris wrote on Twitter yesterday that his team has been blacklisted by several other CDL members because Atlanta FaZe were using the AUG in training. You see, that weapon was banned in the last Gentleman’s Agreement voting, which makes this action, well, ungentlemanly.

As retaliation, eight of the remaining eleven teams have refused to train with Atlanta FaZe – a common practice in the CDL. Some teams announced that they would use everything against FaZe in the tournament, including weapons that are actually banned. Seattle Surge straight up asked the community which weapons they would like to see:

The Gentleman's Agreement

Besides the official rules of the Call of Duty League, there is also the so-called Gentleman's Agreement. The GA is decided by all 12 teams of the CDL and is an unofficial set of rules that prohibits certain weapons or attachments that are considered overpowered, even if they would be allowed according to the official rules.

The AUG was banned last time via a vote by the twelve team captains. Atlanta FaZe’s insistence on training with the weapon has caused unnecessary commotion but it remains to be seen if they’ll have the guts to use the AUG in-game.

The New York Subliner Home Series starts tomorrow at 22:00 CET with the opener Toronto Ultra – Paris Legion. FaZe will play against Los Angeles Guerrillas three hours later where we’ll see whether or not they will take the whole thing to the limit.

If you’re interested, you can watch the New York Subliner Home Series here:

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