Are you getting the bundle before it’s gone?

Aranna Starseeker will be gone in a week

Anna Starseeker will be gone in a week

Demon Hunters everywhere! (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Hearthstone is offering yet another time-exclusive bundle that will be gone from the online shop in 7 days. What do you get this time and is it worth it?

This new bundle comes as part of the Year of the Phoenix line of products and soon will make way for other offerings.

What’s inside

The bombastic marketing pitch by Blizzard reads:

Avenge a Shattered World

Destiny is upon us! The time has come, the training is complete, and the powers of the Demon Hunter are finally ours. Take hold of your fel-fueled fate with the Aranna Starseeker Bundle and put your newfound powers into action. With the Aranna Starseeker Demon Hunter Hero, Aranna card back, and 20 Ashes of Outland packs, you’ll be equipped to battle the Rusted Legion and fight back for the salvation of Outland.

There are 20 Ashes of Outland packs, which is nice, and the card back does look pretty.

What’s special is that this is the first alternative Demon Hunter portrait in the game (save for Demonic Illidan, awarded for 1,000 victories), so in case the rather controversial new class has already established itself as your favorite, now’s your chance to show it off and pimp-out your profile.

Loreheads will be happy to see that the new face is none other than Aranna Starseeker who is a unique Hearthstone who doesn’t come from World of Warcraft. She is Elise Starseeker’s sister, which continues the weird elf-sisters cycle that Blizzard has been following with their choice of playable characters.

Is it worth it?

The thing costs $19.99. Basically, this is your average hero-back-packs bundle that some players enjoy and others view as a cash grab, so whether you like it or not will depend on your needs, personal preference and style of play.

Do you like shiny? This is shiny galore. Are you here for the cards only? Well, normally $19.99 buys you 15 packs and this bundle comes with 20, so you’re in luck.

That means that yes, it is worth it. In case your wallet hasn’t perished in the Steam Sale battlefield, this is not the worst way to spend your cash if you’re super into Demon Hunters.

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