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Season 8 might have more surprises!

Apex Legends Will Go Beyond Battle Royale

Kings Canyon Zone 3 Apex Legends
Apex Legends is two years old! (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Season 8 Mayhem is live in Apex Legends and today the game’s celebrating its 2-year anniversary. Game director of Apex Legends, Chad Grenier shared that battle royale won’t be the only mode this year.

Apex Legends came out on February 4, 2019. Over the past two years, the game added a lot in terms of lore and gameplay. Each new season added a new legend and the total number of playable characters is now 16. Various new weapons were also added to the game as well as new items like the EVO Shields and the recent golden magazines.

Today the game celebrates its two-year anniversary and something tells us that Respawn have plans. Another good hint was the blog post from the other day by game director Chad Grenier. Grenier revealed some interesting facts about the game’s development.

Real Big Map
The "real big map" was the original map in Apex. (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

For instance, the initial map was insanely big and had titans planned for it. As development over the title continued it eventually turned into the Kings Canyon we all know and love today. You can check out the full post on the EA website.

Perhaps the most interesting piece (at least for me personally) is found at the very end:

Work on a mobile version of Apex Legends is well underway. And later this year, we’ll launch new ways to play the game that take us beyond battle royale.

Mobile has been a hot topic for quite some time and it’s good to know that the version is already underway. Add to that the upcoming Nintendo Switch version which is set for March and you’ll be able to play Apex anywhere (they’ll even be cross-platform). What I was getting at was the part where Apex Legends plans to go beyond battle royale. Now that’s HUGE.

Apex Legends Switch March
Apex is coming to the Nintendo Switch this March. (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

It’s no secret that when Apex Legends released the hype surrounding battle royale was arguably at its peak. Gamers were crazy about Fortnite and PUBG and Apex came at the right time to challenge the status quo by offering something new and fresh. Now, two years later, it’s clear that Apex Legends has enough lore, characters and most importantly playerbase that adding new modes is a no-brainer.

We have no clue what the new mode(s) will be but our best guesses would be:

  • Arena battles – That’ll be a great tribute to old school shooters like Quake
  • Fun social modes – Imagine Among Us in Apex or some other social deduction game
  • Single player – Apex started as a battle royale but what’s really stopping it from getting a campaign? It already has more lore than any other competitor.

Note that this is pure speculation by our side. With the game already on Steam, we’re sure that many more players will be joining Apex Legends as their go-to battle royale. We’ve recently had some interviews with the dev team behind Apex so feel free to check them out:

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