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What even is this?

Apex Legends On Switch: 30 FPS and TERRIBLE Resolution? WTF?

Apex Legends On Switch: Resolution & FPS Concerns
Aw, man... really? (Credit: EA)

Apex Legends has officially released on the Nintendo Switch today. And while many of us were initially excited, the framerate and quality do worry us.

Have you been excited about Apex Legends releasing on the Nintendo Switch, but are now finding the quality rather… bad? Well, there is something that we have to tell you.


What FPS does Apex run on Nintendo Switch?

Apex Legends runs at 30FPS on the Nintendo Switch. Now the frame rate isn’t exactly the issue here, look at Breath of the Wild, for example, that also runs at 30FPS and we all love it, don’t we?

The issue comes with the quality.

What resolution does Apex Legends have on Switch?

Unfortunately, Apex Legends only runs at 576p resolution in handheld mode and 720p in docked mode. To give you Breath of the Wild as a comparison once more, in handheld mode, Breath of the Wild runs at 720p and in docked mode at 900p resolution.

You see the difference here, right?

Now, if you’re struggling with this point, I’d like for you to look at it this way: would you ever watch a 480p YouTube video on your phone? I’d like to think no. You’d rather wait for the 720p version to load, even if it takes a little longer.

And now remember, in handheld mode, Apex Legends on Switch runs at 576p. You see what we mean, don’t you?

This game has been hyped up on the Nintendo Switch for a while now, many were excited about its release.

So let’s just hope they won’t be too disappointed when they find out about the quality… or experience it first-hand.

If you want to read EA's full press statement about Apex Legends coming to the Switch, you can do that here!

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