A noir story about Pathfinder.

Apex Legends: Stories From the Outlands – Fight Night Is Here!

Fight night apex

Fight Night might be our favorite story so far! (Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Another Stories from the Outlands episode was released yesterday, with the title Fight Night. The plot revolves around Pathfinder, shedding some light on the friendly robot’s backstory.

Character lore in Apex Legends is revealed with yet another episode of Stories from the Outlands. This time around it’s all about Pathfinder, the star of the upcoming Fight Night collection event. That’s also the title of the episode. If you haven’t seen it yet, spare yourself the spoilers and do so.

We should probably expect a cool new skin for Pathfinder.

Video Credit: Apex Legends via YouTube

The story takes us to an unknown point in time but certainly in the past. Victor Maldera is a washed-out cop who’s now working as a security guard. Not too long ago he was tracking down Nox aka Caustic, but he was presumed dead. All of that changes as he stumbles upon Pathfinder, the mafia, and some old memories.

Victor maldera

Maldera even has a picture with Forge. You remember him, right? The legend who got horribly murdered on live TV by Revenant. (Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Victor Maldera as a Possible Legend?

The ex-cop we see in the episode was hellbent on catching Nox. Considering that it’s all a flashback there’s a slight chance we’ll see more from Maldera. Whether he’ll be a legend remains to be seen but so far there are no clues hinting at that.

Amelie p

Wattson's mom? The universe is quite small. (Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Who Is Amelie P.?

In one of the memories, Pathfinder plays we see a woman called Amelie P. and she’s the robot’s supposed creator. Who is she though? Simply looking at the name, it bears quite the similarity with another one of the legends in Apex – Wattson.

Wattson’s full name is Natalie “Wattson” Paquette aka Natalie P. It’s probably no coincidence and the woman we saw in the episode was most likely Wattson’s mother. What happened to her is unknown, but we might find more on that in the upcoming future.

Apex legends fight night collection event

The Fight Night collection event coming in 2021! (Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Fight Night Collection Event

Sadly, the cinematic trailer labeled Fight Night didn’t really reveal much about the collection event. The latter is reportedly coming in early January, right after the end of the Holo-Day Bash. We’ve already recapped everything we know about it.

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