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And Obliterated Kings Canyon!

Apex Legends Season 8 Launch Trailer Reveals Fuse’s Abilities

Fuse Apex Legends Season 8
Fuse also likes to slap ass. (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Season 8 of Apex Legends is coming on February 2 and the launch trailer dropped yesterday. We got a good idea of Fuse’s abilities and the first glimpse of Kings Canyon's new look.

Fuse is the next legend coming to Apex Legends. He’ll be released with Season 8 which is scheduled to launch on February 2. We saw the launch trailer for the new season yesterday.

It comes as no surprise that the launch trailer for Season 8 is mostly about Fuse. He’s the star, making his introduction into the Apex games. Unfortunately, his big reveal was foiled by his old partner in crime – Maggie. The result of her interference was catastrophic damage to Kings Canyon but we’re used to that by now, right?

Kings Canyon Apex Legends Season 8 ship
Ah, nothing says home like a crash landing. (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Fuse’s ship becomes a part of the map and we can only guess it won’t be just for show.

Fuse’s Abilities

The trailer also revealed most of Fuse’s kit. As seen in the footage his ultimate ability will be exactly what we expected – a rocket launcher. The rockets fired from his ultimate will probably be able to stick to the ground and remain there until detonated. That is if the in-game teasers we’ve seen are any indication.

We also saw Fuse’s tactical ability which allows him to launch a grenade with his robotic arm. According to data miners, the skills will be as follows:

  • Tactical: Airburst Grenade: Fires a grenade with a small launcher on Fuse's right forearm.
  • Ultimate: The Motherlode: Fires a missile with the cannon on Fuse's back, that spreads burning flames after the strike.
  • Passive: Unknown, may store up to 2 Frag Grenades and/or 2 Thermite Grenades per inventory slot.

While nothing was revealed about his passive in the trailer it totally makes sense for Fuse to hold more grenades than the rest of the cast. He’s the demolitions guy after all.

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