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Shaking up the meta!

Apex Legends Season 8 Official Patch Notes

Apex Legends Season 8 Official Patch Notes
Fuse already made some friends! (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

The next season of Apex Legends will go live in a matter of hours and Respawn have already revealed the official patch notes. Take a look what’s coming in Season 8!

Apex Legends will be turning two years old on February 4, 2021 but before that we’ll get to see the new Season 8: Mayhem. We already know that the new legend Fuse will be added, along with the new 30-30 Repeater weapon and golden magazines, but what can we expect in terms of balance? Let’s go through the patch.

Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem Official Patch Notes

Apex Legends Season 8 New Legend – Fuse

Meet Fuse: a mercenary-turned-cage fighter who never turns down a good dust-up. His affinity for explosions allows him to carry extra grenades and to throw them faster and further. He can launch a cluster bomb with airburst explosives. And when it’s time to really bring the boom, Fuse uses “Wally” to launch a bombardment that encircles an area in a ring of flames.
Fuse Apex Season 8 Mayhem
Fuse's intro in the trailer was eerily familiar. (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)
  • Passive - Grenadier: Stack an extra grenade per inventory slot. Fire grenades farther, faster and more accurately.
  • Tactical - Knuckle Cluster: Launch a cluster bomb that continuously expels airburst explosives on impact.
  • Ultimate - The Motherlode: Launch a bombardment that encircles a target area in a wall of flames.

30-30 Repeater weapon Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem
The latest weapon coming to Apex Legends is the 30-30 Repeater. (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends Season 8: New Weapon – 30-30 Repeater

The 30-30 Repeater requires the user to rechamber their rounds between shots which brings a methodic rhythm to the rifle, an analogue elegance that the modern weapons of the Outlands just can’t quite capture. To further tempt those itchy trigger fingers, the 30-30 Repeater has a built-in charge giving players an opportunity to deal increased damage with each shot at the cost of a short build-up.

The 30-30 reloads one round at a time, which makes for some very interesting resource management you won’t find anywhere else, even on the Mastiff. The 30-30’s engagement range allows unique opportunities to reload individual rounds between shots. This gives the Repeater the ability to lay down consistent precision ranged pressure, something weapons with full reloads can sometimes struggle with.

The 30-30 Repeater will allow you to charge your shots and net some extra damage. Missing won't feel too bad but landing a shot... oh boy does it feel good!

Apex Legends Kings Canyon Season 8
King's Canyon got wrecked yet again. (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends Season 8: Map Update - Obliterated Kings Canyon

Season 8 once again sees changes to Kings Canyon. The main new point of interest shows the devastation from the ship crashing into the map. Players can now explore beyond Artillery, Spotted Lakes takes over the Slums and some new observation towers for basic recon or a sniper’s nest. Read more on the map changes in the map blog here.
Golden Magazine Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem
Golden magazines will provide you with a special perk! (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends Season 8: New Item - Golden Magazines

Season 8 introduces the Gold-tier magazines. Attaching it to a weapon automatically reloads your stowed weapons after a brief delay. The Gold magazine has the same capacity as Purple mags, and is available for Light, Heavy, Snipers, and Energy Weapons.

Things will definitely get interesting with the introduction of Golden Magazines. Note that the golden version will only be available for Light, Heavy, Snipers and Energy ammo types. Shotguns were probably left behind to keep the balance.

Apex Legends Season 8: Quality of Life Updates

Damage counter

  • We have now added a damage counter to the HUD. This was a highly requested feature, so we’re excited to allow people easier tracking for chasing those badges and challenges!

Pinging Ammo

  • Pinging weapons or ammo in your inventory displays your current ammo count along with "player wants ammo" in quick chat.

Color Blind update

  • Healing and reviving will now follow colorblind rules when colorblind settings are enabled

Lore Blurbs on Canon Skins

  • Some of our skins are canon, and some are just for fun. For the skins that represent an important part of that character's backstory, we've added a small blurb to describe the significance of that skin in the Legend's life.

The damage counter was a heavily requested feature by the community and Respawn have once again answered the call.



Wraith gets a nerf with an adjustment to her hitbox which makes her honky.

Wraith now has a slightly larger hitbox than her fellow small legends, but the changes stay true to her model. As you can see in the before and after comparison, we’re adding some width mostly in the torso and leg areas:
Wraith Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem hitbox
You won't be missing as many shots when aiming down a Wraith. (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

This might seem like a heavy nerf to the legend but according to the devs she'll still be pretty hard to hit.


  • Sheila angle increase from 120° to 180°
  • Wall health in build phase increased from 1hp to 45hp (sniper rounds still pierce through)
Rampart has remained at the bottom across our performance metrics since her release. Her kit is very much built around proactively setting up a powerful position, but in a game as fast-moving as Apex, we determined her walls should have some reactive power as well. We’re keeping a careful eye on this one.

Rampart was one of the least-picked legends after the dust after her release settled. Will these buffs be enough?


  • Gravity Lift effective cooldown increased from 21s to 25s. The 15s cooldown timer will now start when the Gravity Lift disappears.
Horizon released strong, to the point where she rivals Wraith in win rate and pick rate. For the time being, we are monitoring her usage and checking whether or not the cooldown changes have a significant effect.

Wraith was the most popular pick and the legend with one of the highest win rates. The changed a bit after the release of Horizon and now much like Wraith she's also getting a slight nerf.

Octane Apex Legends
Octane gets some tweaks in the new season! (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)


  • Hitting the jump pad from a standing position will launch players along a high arc (the speed and trajectory of the old super-jump).
  • From a crouched position, players will launch along a low arc, meaning they’ll fly lower but farther in the horizontal direction.
Many players may have known about Octane’s “super-jump” that was possible with a well-timed jump while hitting the pad. Once the double-jump option was introduced, there was an input clash that led to unreliable usage. We decided to add some launch options that are better defined than the old super-jump.


  • Remove ability to stick arc stars to friendly drones.


  • Loot inside unopened care packages is now visible with Eye for Quality and accessible through the Black Market Boutique.


  • All gas now dissipates as soon as Caustic’s team is eliminated.


  • Mirage decoys create footstep sounds.
Apex Legends Weapons
There'll be plenty of options in the weapons department. (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)


Fully Kitted Rotation

  • Removed: Wingman, Sentinel, Havoc, G7, Alternator
  • Added: R-301, 30-30 Repeater, Mozambique, Longbow DMR, Spitfire


  • We are removing the Gold Barrel from the loot pool

Hop Ups

  • The Double Tap hop up will be removed from the loot pool
  • The Anvil Rounds hop up will be added into the loot pool


  • Bullet damage decreased from 16 to 15


  • Bullet damage increased from 15 to 16


  • Bullet damage increased from 18 to 19
  • Reload speed increased from 2.8 seconds to 3.2
  • Empty Reload speed increased from 3.33 seconds to 3.8


  • Fire rate increased from 2.0 to 2.1

The changes to the weapon meta don't seem to massive but there's a high chance we'll see another weapons patch later down the line. For now, the biggest addition is the return of the Anvil Rounds hop up which, according to the devs, will give players another option for trigger discipline besides the 30-30 Repeater. Also, say goodbye to the Double Tap.

Apex Legends Season 8: A New Battle Pass

Just like every season so far you can expect a brand-new Battle Pass filled with rewards!

Bug Fixes


  • Sonar abilities no longer stop Caustic’s highlight vision.


  • Fixed a few exploitable areas on Kings Canyon that Loba was able to reach via her Bracelet.


  • Jump-pads in Octane’s town takeover no longer allow Rampart to place Sheila on them.
  • Fixed an issue with Rampart's passive persisting even after changing characters in Firing Range


  • Fixed an issue causing the Havoc to have 100% accuracy when hip-fired through Rampart’s Amped Cover.


  • Fixed a POV issue that occurred when using Horizon’s abilities, then immediately going into ADS with a Peacekeeper.


  • Re-enabled ability to invite friends to club from friends list
  • Fixed an issue causing some users who have opted out of "Last Squad Invites" to not appear in club event timelines when placing in the top 5 of a match
  • Failing to connect to the club database no longer leads to a misleading "Kicked from club" message
  • Players will no longer be kicked from clubs when switching to another profile on Xbox.


  • Fixed an issue with crowds not cheering in Pathfinder’s Town takeover.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some heirlooms from appearing in the heirloom shop.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Thermites to deal damage through certain walls on Olympus.

You can find the official Apex Legends patch notes on the EA website. If you want to check out the whole thought process for the changes coming in Season 8 we highly suggest you check out the Apex Legends Season 8 dev stream.

Season 8 will arrive in a few hours so get ready for some action. Mayhem won't be the typical season in Apex Legends as in two days the game will be celebrating its two-year anniversary and we're sure Respawn will have something in store!

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