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Respawn starts the new year with a chaotic Season 8 to Apex Legends!

Exclusive Apex Legends Season 8 Interview: Celebrating 'Mayhem'

Apex Legends Season 8 Fuse
Apex Legends Season 8 will bring us a new Aussie icon - Fuse! (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends is nearing its second anniversary, celebrating a milestone achievement for Respawn Entertainment's baby. Season 8 will launch on February 2 and will inaugurate Apex Legends' third year with a chaotic season: 'Mayhem'. We sat down with the team and talked about Apex Legends' past, present and future.

Sitting down with the team over at Respawn, in the usual Covid-safe Zoom bubble that we so often find ourselves in these days, you couldn't help but feel comfortable. The team has a warmth and friendliness to them, exuding both passion and confidence in equal measure. After the usual introductions, “G'day, my name's suchandsuch”, all that jazz, we jumped right into the game's eighth season, due out on February 2.

APEX Legends fuse
Season 8 has a 'mayhem' theme... and we can't wait to wreak absolute chaos. (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

We started off on Season 8, which post-marks Apex Legends' second anniversary, a huge milestone for Respawn Entertainment, who have been actively supporting the game since its launch in 2019.

“Season 8 itself, and its theme of mayhem is a bit more of a party, so thematically it's a bit of a celebration in itself... Mayhem, [that's] kind of the through-line for everything you are going to see over the next season.”

Season 8 will be dropping tomorrow, as of publishing, and will be introducing a multitude of new features to the game, including a complete overhaul of King's Canyon, and the introduction of a new Legend: Fuse.

“There are going to be some surprises, and a lot of that is going to be triggered by the introduction of Fuse to the game, and the friction that he brings...”
Apex Legends Screenshot
Respawn seems very excited for Season 8, which only serves to hype us up even more! (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Fuse is bloody close to my heart, indeed. The first Australian Apex character (that I can remember), and if you ask me - Aussies are bloody great party-people. That might seem a little bit arrogant, but we can certainly not say that about Respawn's plans for Apex Legend's future.

Kangaroo dropping the ball
We do hope that Respawn doesn't 'drop the ball'... heh. (Credit: GIPHY)

With the onset of Covid-19 early last year, Respawn had to enter work-from-home mode. Delivering the quality and heart of Apex whilst under these conditions, was cited as one of the studio's biggest challenges.

"We don't want to just rest on our laurels, and [instead] really push the innovation... [But] the challenging thing is that you just can't predict how things are going to be taken by the fans.”

Discussing the game's life as a live-game, it became clear that Respawn has a very clear vision of what they want to achieve with Season 8, and its theme 'Mayhem'. That is: growth. Not just growth in player counts, but also in the way people interact with the game, the game's uniqueness, and an evolving game.

One of the best examples, was Respawn's use of the latest events in King's Canyon (check out the trailer below!) to revive the map and address critiques and feedback that the map and the studio received. This kind of 'live' game design is very modern and, in Respawn's words, very “innovative”.

We closed our discussion by shouting out new players who might join in Season 8. Apex Legends can be difficult to get into for some, so we were curious what they would say to new players. The answer, unanimously, was “there's no better time than now.” With such a big shakeup coming, we are curious to jump into Season 8.

“For new players coming into the game, we think that there is going to be enough shakeup there, that they are going to be a little bit more on an even footing for players who have been around for a while. Just jump in and give it a try...”

Season 8 of Apex Legends will be dropping tomorrow, February 2, on all the relevant platforms. Our series of interviews held tons of interesting insights, and we will continue to bring you all the gossip over the next couple of days. For now, cheerio!

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