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Exclusive Apex Legends Season 8 Interview: The Inspiration Behind Fuse

Fuse apex legends season 8 mayhem interview

Fuse made an explosive entrance that left a mark on King's Canyon. (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends Season 8 is less than a day away, and we can hardly wait. Over the past week, we had the chance to talk with some of the good folks at Respawn Entertainment. Here's what they shared with us!

We sat down with the lovely Respawn team to discuss both the new 'Mayhem' theme and the new legend Fuse. As with all interviews in this modern-apocalyptic setting, we sat down for a cozy Zoom chat. Kudos to the Respawn team for being so awesome to talk to. Let's get to it:

Who was the inspiration for Fuse?

There isn’t one single inspiration for Fuse. We have a pretty in-depth robust creative process that we take when it comes to building a character. In general, where we start at is “what is the gameplay space we want to build around”. When we started building Fuse it was really around that idea of grenade gameplay and changing up what grenades and ordnance meant for a match. We started with design space and that was the anchor for the character.


Fuse apex mayhem

Fuse is the kind of guy you want to go to the bar with. (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

[One] of the things we did really early is we wrote up this personality questionnaire for us to fill out. What would a person do in these various situations? We had so much fun filling it out with things like “What would [Fuse] say in a bar?”, “How would he go to the grocery store and what would he put in his cart?”. We were just trying to drill into what kind of person [Fuse] is and then we could identify those little details that make a person tick.

The way we ended up talking about Fuse at the end of the day was like a member of the team. He was a real person with real feelings and a real personality and we knew what he would say in all of these situations.

Everybody on the team thought that Fuse was the kind of guy you want to go to the bar and get a few drinks with and listen to these outlandish stories.
30 30 repeater apex

The new 30-30 Repeater is going to pack a punch! (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Can you give us more info on the new weapon, the 30-30 Repeater?

It’s kind of a slower more methodical weapon than the G7 Scout because of its lever action. You’ll reload single bullets at a time which you can interrupt at any point. You can always keep your magazine topped off similar to the Mastiff. One of the big key features of it is when you’re aiming down the sights on the 30-30 it’s going to build a charge and increase the damage on your next shot. We opted for slower gameplay but higher damage without actually forcing the player into a slower fire rate. It’s a bit painful to miss those charged shots, but it’s super rewarding if you actually nail them.
Gold magazines

Golden Magazines are the next big thing coming with Season 8. (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Golden Magazines – are they going to be specific per weapon type or one for all?

They are specific to a weapon type, there’ll be four new gold magazines on the ground – energy, light, heavy and sniper. Each [weapon] will have their own, there’s some sort of method behind that madness. We like the idea that if you find a golden magazine for a gun you’re not running, it might entice you to switch it up and swap to a new gun or communicate and give it to a teammate. Having one magazine that just fits every gun doesn’t really play into our loot game as much. We like it to be a little bit RNG.
Gabe newell new zealand dota 2

In a recent interview, Gabe Newell shared that he'd really like to get into Apex. (Credit: TVNZ1)

You’ve recently grabbed the attention of Gabe Newell, he expressed a lot of interest in Apex Legends and playing it. Are you exchanging ideas, should we expect a show match between GabeN and Respawn?

There’s nothing official going on but everyone picked on that, we talked about the fact that it’d be a blast to have a match between us. If he’s out there and he’s listening and he’s interested, we’d love to get a match set up.

We saw Forge in the Fight Night trailer during that flashback. Is he dead?

He’s sooooo dead. He’s real dead. He’s dead.

Special thanks to the entire Apex Legends dev team who were all truly wonderful. That’s not all the questions we asked though, you can read more from Respawn on Apex Legends Season 8 here:

Exclusive Apex Legends Season 8 Interview: Celebrating 'Mayhem'

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