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S7 Pushed Forward

Apex Legends Season 7 Official Date Announced

Apex Legends Season 7
Season 7 is coming sooner than you think. (Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Season 7 of Apex Legends will be released one week sooner than expected! Respawn Entertainment announced on Twitter that the Season 6 Battle Pass will end in a short time and Season 7 will begin.

Apex Legends Season 7 releases on November 7 and this comes one week earlier than what fans of the game expected. It all started by a leak from data miner Shrugtal, who went digging around in the game files and found gold!

The Battle Pass for Season 6 ends in about 14 days and Respawn Entertainment confirmed all this to be true on Twitter.

Now the big question is, have you finished your S6 Battle Pass? Better queue up for some games because it will be gone soon. Season 7 also has a teaser that preceded the Season 7 announcement. The teaser trailer is of shitty security cam footage of the new Legend Horizon. I guess the futuristic word of Apex Legends still hasn't developed HD video. Maybe they are too busy killing each other to care?

More teasers! That’s right Respawn Entertainment is not done with them. A short sneak peek of a new zone comes via Twitter.

More Season 7 content is sure to be on the horizon until then work on that S6 Battle Pass.

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