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Did Olympus change the meta?

Apex Legends Season 7 Legend Tier List: Who's On Top?

Apex Legends Season 7 Horizon
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It has been over a week since the new Season 7 of Apex Legends came out, so we're here to answer a simple question: how did the meta change with the latest patch? Find out with our legend tier list for Season 7.

We saw some big changes with the latest update and some of them were related to certain legends and their skills. Which are the best characters in Season 7 of Apex Legends? Let’s start with the worst and move up the food chain.

D Tier


Octane got a nice buff with Season 7 – his passive regeneration rate was doubled. Is that enough to make him viable? No, not really. He offers almost no utility and feels more like a watered-down version of Bloodhound.


Mirage is one of the most fun legends to play in the game. Fooling your enemies will only get you that far, though. The more experienced players you encounter, the smaller is your chance of success. Mirage's ultimate is nice to escape certain death but in most cases, it’ll make foes hunt you down to finish you off.

C Tier

Loba Apex Legends
Was Loba ever any good? (Image credit: Electronic Arts)


Loba isn’t that bad, right? She has been on the lower end of the tier lists ever since her release and there’s probably a good reason for that. Her passive is situational at best and offers you no advantage in a team fight. You can flank enemies with her teleport but the range on it is kind of lacking. Her kit can definitely use some buffs!


Rampart suffers more from the change of scenery than anything else. Olympus is a map with a lot of open spaces which makes it hard for her to place the ultimate right. On the plus side, Sheila can be placed on a Trident vehicle.

B Tier

Revenant Apex Legends
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Revenant’s kit remained unchanged into the new season but he’s arguably a bit better on Olympus. He can counter most of the cast with his silence and his ultimate can be a game-changer if used correctly.


Caustic got a nerf with Season 7. His gas no longer blurs enemy vision but the damage was increased. Once again, Olympus is an open map and it’s harder than before to find closed spaces where you can stack canisters.


If you’re playing Crypto, communicating with your team is vital. When that’s lacking, he’s really underwhelming. Make sure your drone doesn’t get shot down when you plan to use your ultimate and you should be good. He’s also a direct counter to Wattson and she’s not that good on Olympus.


If you’re looking for a place to camp on Olympus, you’ll be disappointed. Wattson has the same problem as Caustic in Season 7 – finding the right place on the map. Even if you manage to get the perfect spot, all your efforts can be nullified by Crypto’s EMP. Sad.

A Tier

Horizon Apex Legends
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Bangalore is where she has always been. A perfect legend for beginners, the typical soldier. She thrives on the current map as her mobility is pretty much guaranteed. Her smokes can offer you cover on otherwise open spaces and give you a pretty good advantage.


Good old Bloodhound certainly got better in Season 7. The legend’s ultimate and passive were seriously buffed and now it’s much harder to escape from an angry Bloodhound. The cooldown of his tactical was also reduced to 6 seconds while affected by Beast of the Hunt.


Horizon is the latest legend to join the roster and a lot of people probably haven’t played her. Her kit adds some new mechanics and the tactical is on a rather low cooldown. With it, you can propel yourself or an enemy that’s behind cover. Her ultimate is also great for getting enemies out of a corner. Our advice is to play her right now – before people start figuring out how to counter her or before the nerfs.


Pathfinder has changed yet again in Season 7, arguably for the better. The cooldown on his Grappling Hook was reduced to a maximum of 30 seconds. The cooldown on the ability depends on the distance you traveled, so it’s way better than before. Pathfinder does great on Olympus and his mobility is unparalleled.

S Tier


Lifeline is always a solid pick in every match. Her passive is better than ever as you can simply leave the drone to revive a teammate while you provide covering fire. Alternatively, you can revive two squadmates at once. Feed her ultimate accelerants and her ultimate will give you the advantage.

Gibraltar Apex Legends
You can always count on Gibby. (Image credit: Electronic Arts)


Gibby is the only legend in the game that’s able to take a Kraber shot to the head and survive. That’s thanks to his passive shield but Gibraltar offers a lot more than that. He’s perfect on Olympus as his Dome of Protection offers a bastion in the otherwise open space. He also revives teammates for 4 seconds instead of 5 and uses consumables 15% faster while inside the dome.


Wraith is arguably at her worst in Season 7 but she’s still one of the best legends in the game. At this point, we’re certain that any further nerfs to her kit will dethrone her from the S tier. Still, nothing about her has changed in the new season and that’s not a bad thing.

Her entire kit is insanely useful on Olympus – from her passive warning you about danger to her tactical that allows you to escape and her ultimate that can transport your whole team safely.

That’s it for our list. Which legend do you main in Season 7? Tell us on our Facebook page!

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