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Apex Legends Ranked Changes Coming in Season 8

Ranked Leagues Season 8 Apex
Ranked changes in Season 8 will make you earn RP faster! (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

There are just a few days before Season 8 of Apex Legends kicks off and we can hardly wait. In their latest blog post, Respawn Entertainment revealed what’s coming for the next ranked season.

Big news for anyone interested in the competitive aspect of Apex Legends. Respawn gave us a glimpse of what to expect in Season 8. Let’s summarize the most important parts starting with a recap of the Season 7 distribution.

Ranked Distribution in Season 7 (vs Season 6)

  • 16.35% Bronze (17.76%)
  • 23.86% Silver (26.23%)
  • 32.09% Gold (36.25%)
  • 23.13% Platinum (17.75%)
  • 4.37% Diamond (1.89%)
  • 0.20% Master & Apex Predator (0.12%)

As reported by Respawn, Season 7 saw more players and ranked playtime than previous seasons. This results in a healthy distribution between the different ranks and ranked games were between 30-40% of the total games played.

Season 7 Apex Legends rewards
The rewards that await you after the end of Season 7. (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Season 8 Ranked Changes

Respawn have set some goals for the next season:

  • Create a healthier top end in Diamond+
Diamond, Master and Predators are reserved for the best of the best. We don’t want to change that. But, we do want these players competing against more players of similar skill, more often. In previous seasons, the player pool in Diamond+ was too small to consistently provide fair matches, so we aim to improve this by providing more opportunities for good players to earn RP.
  • Improve match quality for ranked matches
This means we are aiming to fill most, if not all, of players in your Ranked match with players in the same rank tier. This may cause slightly longer queue times, but more competitively fair matches. We think this is worth it, and we’ll monitor queue times and sentiment closely around these changes.

These changes are indeed good news. Most players will probably agree that a few extra minutes in the queue in order to get more balanced matches is totally worth the wait. To achieve the two goals above the devs have planned the following changes:

  • Earn placement RP earlier in a match
    • RP rewards begin at placement 13 instead of 10 in a match.
  • Kill/Assist count has been raised to 6
    • Earn RP for more of your kills and assists in a given match.
    • This is a slight nudge to give really good players a slightly faster trip back to their competitive rank, while giving our top tier players more ways to pull ahead of the pack in the Predator ranks.
  • Assist Threshold Increased to 10 seconds
    • Earn assists for up to 10 seconds (up from 7.5 seconds) after dealing damage to a target that is killed by someone else.
  • Predator has been increased to the top 750 players
    • Allowing more players to enter predator should improve queue times while remaining an exclusive tier for the highest levels of play.
  • Matchmaking Tightening
    • Players below Diamond will matchmake much more often within their own Ranks.

Overall, the changes aim to increase the pace at which you earn ranks. Season 8 will also mark the return of Diamond Skydive Trails.

The first split of Season 8 will take place in Kings Canyon. Following the end of the first split (March 23) players will go back to Olympus for the rest of the season. As for World’s Edge, we won’t be seeing it in ranked for Season 8. You can read the full blog post on the official EA website.

That’s all for now. We hope you’re just as excited about the new season as we are. Drop us a line on Facebook or Discord!

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