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Or is it?

Apex Legends: Nintendo Switch Release Soon?

Is an Apex Legends release for Nintendo Switch imminent?
Will we be able to play Apex on the Switch anytime soon? (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

You know how it is: You were actually looking forward to a few cozy rounds of Apex Legends, but the TV is occupied or the cat made itself comfortable on your favorite seat. Don't despair, because the popular battle royale shooter will apparently be released for Nintendo Switch soon!

The new patch 1.56 has arrived and Apex Legends will start season 8 on February 2. At the same time, the Battle Royale shooter will apparently finally hit the hybrid console Nintendo Switch as a new leak suggests.

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Release

Apex Legends has finally announced the launch date for Season 8 and allowed us a first look at the new character Fuse. February 2 will also be a day to rejoice for a completely different reason, especially for Nintendo fans:

As a trailer on YouTube reveals, Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch is set to launch at the same time as Season 8: February 2.

Release date not fixed yet?

Interestingly, the reference to the Switch release is only found in the Japanese version of the trailer and is missing in the English version. In the meantime, the text has been adjusted and the reference to the Switch version has been removed.

During the announcement of the new season, developer Respawn Entertainment also didn't say anything about the port for Nintendo Switch. Thus, the release date should still be taken with a grain of salt. Presumably, there will be an official statement in a few days. We are definitely curious to see if we will actually be able to explore Kings Canyon from our beds in about two weeks.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.